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This Is All The Thanks I Get For Being A Freelance Copywriter. I’m proud to share these client comments with you about my work...

“Gil Zeimer and his designer Joan Groves created a beautiful sales tool for Cayson Designs. From the first concepts to the finished product, Gil’s creativity was evident. Thanks again for all your efforts on my behalf..”

– Lynette Cayson
Cayson Culinary Designs

“The Hawaii Air Ambulance 2004 Annual Report is terrific. JOB WELL DONE! You and your designer are like DaVinci and Michaelangelo.”

– Andrew Kluger, CEO
Hawaii Air Ambulance

“Our design agency landed a first time project with a major bank — the turnaround time was extremely tight and a great deal was riding on our writer. It was the first time that we worked with Gil and he not only met our expectations but exceeded them. I have never before seen a writer produce quality work so quickly.”

– Kristin Davidson, Project Manager
Damore Johann

“This was my first experience with an outside writer and has probably ruined the curve for the rest of the industry. Gil is first-rate. He was quick to grasp our industry and our corporate culture — and help us communicate that to our clients. His work was fabulously fast, on-time and on-budget. I can’t say enough good things!”

– Mike Fleck, Vice President
Colt Express Outsourcing Services, Inc.

“All of your Web edits for Grand Cayman, Hawaii and Aruba look awesome. You make my job so much easier! I’m thrilled to have you as a resource for this and other projects.”

Lee Ann Wade, Director of Sales & Marketing
Red Sail Sports

“The ‘Three Ways to Save’ upgrade brochure you did was a HUGE success and sales have doubled our expectations. Thank you!”

– Cheryl Steets, General Manager, gINT Software

“You’ve made a world of difference in the revised copy for our Web site! In a short time, you've really captured what we want to say and how we want to say it! I also like the way you created different options. This makes the copy less repetitious and much more interesting. I’m really happy with these results. Thanks again!”

– Angela Kray, Account Manager
Neil & Associates

“On time. On budget. On strategy. Zeimer gets the job done everytime. You’ve made my clients very happy — and that’s the best measure there is. That’s why I’ve moved Z’s to the front of my rolodex!“

– Steve Hasler, VP, Creative Development
Beacon Group, Inc., Baltimore

“I had the good fortune to work with Gil at the conception stage of our telecommunications company. I asked him to refine rough copy I had created for our Web site. I was impressed with Gil’s efficient and professional manner, turning around polished copy within in a few days, which was sharp, crisp and witty.

“Gil also wrote the copy and handled the creative direction of our HTML email advertising, which we still use today. His expertise has proven to be a great success. Gil has effectively worked as our ‘in-house marketing department’, by applying his 25 years of experience in helping us become a successful company.

“On a personal note, Gil is a pleasure to work with, who I look forward to work with for years to come.”

– Rob Duner-Fenter, CEO
Intune Telecom (www.intunetel.com)

“For the direct mail packages Gil wrote for us, we’re hitting about a 3% response rate, which is at least three times greater than anything anyone else has ever done for us. He was able to absorb and effectively write about a very complex subject matter with genuine flexibility in the face of several rounds of copy revisions affecting several versions of our project.”

– Vitt Lacson, Direct Marketing Programs Manager
Inference Corporation

“The ultimate validation of your Discussions 3.0 sell sheet was when our Director of Business Dev (and sales) said it was fantastic — ‘the best copy and design she’d seen ever.’ Great job. I appreciate both of your efforts to work at it and shape it.”

– Anna Mellilo, Vice President, marketing
Well Engaged, LLC

“I was tasked with bringing a new web site live in a very short time period. Gil came recommended highly... and I’m happy to say he overdelivered!

“Although our products are technical, they're also very cool and easy to use. We needed someone who could provide the power user with every technical detail of our products, while also explaining their functionality and benefits in real-world terms. Gil communicated this information superbly and exceeded my expectations.”

– John Clinton, Web Site Manager

“Gil was quick to pick up on the direction of our advertising campaign. His Ad Banners copy is not only timely, but it also offers a touch of personality to the ONSALE Brand. It’s not every day that you find a freelance copywriter who catches the wave as quickly as Gil did.”

Mary Hornady, Marketing Specialist
ONSALE - the Web's #1 live auction site

“Our core planning team decided that we needed to make more of an advertising impact for our upcoming Cisco Satellite Training Broadcast. We wanted to get the word out in a hurry, so we decided direct mail and the Web was the way to go. In order to make this incredible turn around so that it still made sense to do a mailing, I needed a quick, intuitive, and responsive writer. Not having the luxury to sit down and explain in detail exactly what I wanted, I decided that Gil Zeimer would be my choice for a writer, since he has proven in the past to be able to go off with minimal direction and get it done fast. The final results confirmed my choice; the mailing went out on time with a 13% response rate!”

– Tina Dupart, Senior Project Manager, Worldwide Training
Cisco Systems

“As a former Creative Director with Foote, Cone & Belding, Hill/Holiday and Cohn & Wells, Euro/RSCG, I’ve hired lots of freelance creatives, for lots of freelance projects. But Gil was the first one I called when I started my own agency. Need I say more?

“Gil consistently delivers crisp work that's on strategy, on target, on time, and on budget. In spite of that, he’s actually a nice guy. Zeimer can be described in two words ... zero defects.”

– Alan Randolph, Creative Director
Randolph Pacific & Partners

“Gil thoroughly understands how to convey the most technical features of our products as clear, concise benefits to our users and potential customers. Taking techno-speak and putting it in laymen’s terms is one of the many aspects of technical writing Gil has mastered.

“Visioneer's response rates to our direct mail efforts have been outstanding. In fact, one postcard got a 53% response! This can be partially attributed to Gil’s ability to clearly communicate the messages and offers to our customers. He’s very easy to work with and never fails to meet a deadline.”

– Barry Peters, Product Marketing Manager

“Working with Gil has allowed us to create high-impact market communications tools with very fast turnaround. In fact, the first direct mail/promotional project he created for us received a 45% response rate. Gil offers the unusual combination of exceptionally creative ideas as well as meticulous attention to detail and prompt follow-up. I personally enjoy working with Gil. He always shows responsiveness to time schedules, budgets, and reaching the creative level. I can truly recommend Gil.”

– Hannah Kain, Chief Operating Officer
Grimes Company, The Total Turnkey Solution

“As Marketing Director for Macworld, PCWorld and Publish Magazines, I was able to tap into the most creative forces in the West Coast advertising world to create ads and direct mail. At the top of my creative freelancers list was Gil Zeimer.

“Not only was he a quick study in learning the technical orientation of our highly sophisticated high tech audience, he could develop and execute winning creative themes in spite of our usual unreasonable deadlines. Depending on the scope of our campaign, Gil would successfully fulfill the role as my Creative Director, in developing trade show and advertising campaigns, or simply act as Senior Copy writer. I say simply because Gil always made it seem simple, despite the ever-changing direction of demanding publishers.”

– Sandi Vargas,
Former Director of IDG Publishers; Macworld, PCWorld and Publish. (Currently, Principal of Event Access, a leading high tech event management consulting business

“Gil produces results. He gets it right the first time and executes with style.”

– Martin Cohn, Co-founder
Cohn & Wells Direct Marketing

“Gil’s writing is impactful, smart and sharp. He created a series of pro bono ads for Fire Prevention that were so good, our national organization picked them up and produced them for distribution to every Red Cross chapter around the country and to every appropriate print media. We won an award for those ads, and Gil deserves all the credit.”

– Beverly Butler, Former Communications Director
American Red Cross Bay Area

“Gil Zeimer is a dedicated professional who always delivers solid and executable concepts. You can rely on his quality of thinking to achieve terrific results.

“Gil has been instrumental in helping us acquire our second biggest account in a new business pitch.

“You’ll find in Gil a true creative and a great person to work with... a rare combination you don’t see everyday.”

– Andre Cohen, Creative Director
Frankel & Co., SF

“I was totally impressed with Gil’s first stab at ideas for our project — a 15:00 training video for selling Levi’s Jeans for Women apparel to Dillard’s Department Store employees. He was able to provide us with several creative treatments that kept the audience, as well as the message in mind.”

– Daisy Miller, Freelance Producer
Levi Strauss & Co.

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