5 Ways Relay Autonomous Delivery Robots Are So Cost-Effective

Improve Efficiency, Improve Quality And Reduce
24/7, With A Proven Robotic Platform

According to the Robotic Industries Association in 2017, there are more than 250,000 robots in the United States. Some assemble cars. A select few perform micro-surgeries. Others weld, paint, and do similar repetitive tasks.

Relay® Is An Innovative, Cost-Effective Innovation.
But now, thanks to Relay® autonomous delivery robots from Savioke®, robots are delivering far more than blood samples in hospitals, room service with a flair in resorts, just-in-time packages in high-rise buildings, and logistics in manufacturing locations.

In fact, Relay is not just a robot; it’s a complete robotic platform –– a proprietary hardware and software system that provides safe, fast, and accurate deliveries, for less.

Here are five ways it accomplishes this.

1) Relay Improves Efficiency.
In any environment, especially healthcare, a Relay delivery robot:

  • Is available for all shifts, 24/7/365
  • Enables your staff to focus more on complex, meaningful tasks to work at the top of their license
  • Reduces wait times for deliveries
  • Provides an electronically documented, secure chain of custody and delivery tracking
  • And deploys a platform to manage labor with reduced risk

2) Relay Improves Quality.
Relay is a value-add that:

  • Provides a safe, automated delivery system to ensure the right items is couriered to the right place at the right time
  • Increases safety by offering safe transport of hazardous payloads
  • Enables staff to spend more time with each patient interaction
  • Promotes the latest technology with an innovative, organized image, complete with customized branding for your institution
  • Reduces patient wait times for delivery-dependent events, including medications, lab tests and results, admissions and discharges, supplies, and hospitality items

3) Relay Reduces Waste.
But that’s not all. Each Relay autonomous delivery robot:

  • Enables a lower cost of delivery
  • Reduces lost doses or items
  • Provides an electronically documented chain of custody
  • Eliminates the need for over-stocking decentralized areas with inventory
  • Stabilizes bed utilization peaks and valleys

4) Relay Is Fun!
One client said, “When he rolls down the hallway, it’s like he’s on Main Street in Disneyland. We like that he’s small, very nimble, and technologically advanced. He has been programmed to ‘walk’ down the side of hallways, move away if there’s an emergency, and go around people even if they quickly step in front of him.”

5) Relay Can Save Thousands Per Month: FTE vs. Relay.
Finally, and most importantly, a Relay costs far less when compared to a Full-Time Employee, while increasing delivery collaboration across departments. For example…

For more information or a demonstration about Relay autonomous delivery robots, contact Sonny Julian, Account Director, sonny@savioke.com, 414-429-6162, or Christopher Conkey, Sales Director, chris@savioke.com, 206.661.6611.




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