Smart Meter Opt-Out Information

Here is a link to the PG&E Opt-Out Program page:

– You can opt out of SmartMeter™ participation with one of the following methods:

The fees that will be added to your energy statement are:

  • An initial $75 setup charge per PG&E homeowner account, as well as a $10 monthly charge for your first 36 months in the program,  which breaks down to:
    – $75 + 12 $10 monthly charges ($120) = $195 for the first year.
    – 12 $10 monthly charges = $120 for the second year.
    – 12 $10 monthly charges = $120 for the third year.
  • After you have been charged the $10 fee for 36 consecutive months, this monthly charge will automatically be discontinued.
  • Total costs are $435.00 or an average of $12.08 per month for 36 months with no charge thereafter for Smart Meters–– to help minimize the amount of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation they cause.
  • If more condo owners who choose to opt-out, the lower proportionately the radiation levels can be.
  • Total fee for opting-out for all 50 accounts x $435 per owner = $21,750 (48 homeowners and 2 HOA accounts).