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PalmOne Fall 2004 Catalog

PalmOne Fall 2004 Catalog
To promote their latest SmartPhones, PDAs, handheld software and accessories, I wrote this 24-page catalog for PalmOne. Landis Designs, SF, again created the fantastic design and managed the project.
(Download Adobe PDF of pages 1-11 & page 24.)
(Download Adobe PDF of pages 12-23.)


Palm Treo catalog

Palm printed 500,000 of this holiday 2003 magazine/catalog to sell the latest, greatest products – TREO smart phones, Palm Tungsten and Zire handhelds, plus software and accessories. Landis Designs, SF provided the beautiful layouts.
(Download Adobe PDF.)


Capture Technologies, Inc. brochure

Capture Technologies, Inc.
Capture Technologies, Inc. is a top tier security products and services VAR for Identity, Voice and Solutions. This line brochure elevates them from their competitors.
(Download Adobe PDF.)


Cayson Culinary Designs brochure

Cayson Culinary Designs
Cayson Culinary Designs wanted a catalog/brochure to showcase their high-end chef’s and server attire used by America’s top restaurants. The unique cover utilizes a sculpted paper printing process to define the details.
(Download Adobe PDF.)


Adobe/Xerox Job Definition Format brochure

Adobe/Xerox Job Definition Format
(Download Adobe PDF.)


Silicon Graphics brochure

Silicon Graphics
(Download Adobe PDF.)


Levi Strauss & Co. brochure

Levi Strauss & Co.
(Download Adobe PDF.)


Hawaii Air Ambulance 2004 Annual Report

Hawaii Air Ambulance 2004 Annual Report
(Download Adobe PDF of the front, inside and back covers,)
(Download Adobe PDF of pages 1-76.)


Inference brochure

(Download Adobe PDF)


US Dentek brochure

US Dentek
(Download Adobe PDF.)
(Download Adobe PDF of inside spreads.)

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