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Sf bay Window site

S.F. Bay Window - I edited over 130 articles for this vast resource guide for San Francisco Property Owners. It offers info about all you need to make your home, neighborhood and city the best they can be. www.sfbaywindow.com


Alliance Cooling site

Alliance Cooling Products & Construction, Inc. - This company, headquartered in St. Helena, CA, is the trusted industry expert in quality repairs, construction, fiberglass field services, OEM parts, and aftermarket services. They handle large projects for clients like PG&E and ChevronTexaco. www.alliancecooling.com


BridgeSM site

Bridge Sales & Marketing - This Tiburon, CA-based enterprise works with Senior VP and CEO level executives, enabling sales, marketing, advertising and business development to work together through a global approach to best practices. www.bridgesm.com


Hawaii Air Ambulance site

Hawaii Air Ambulance - This Honolulu-based company is a provider of fixed-wing aeromedical emergency services to residents and visitors of Hawaii, with over 32,000 transport missions to date. www.hiairamb.com


Suzuki Fuel site

Suzuki Fuel - This is a promotional site created by QuestUs.com that educates visitors about the benefits and cost-savings of riding a motorcycle vs. driving a car. www.suzukifuel.com


Northgate Chiropractic site

Northgate Chiropractic - My chiropractor’s site was way out of alignment. After a diagnostic visit, I managed the total rewriting and redesigning of the content. New testimonials are added on a regular basis. www.northgatechiro.com


Sadler and Co. site

Sadler & Company Insurance Brokers, Inc - This long-time SF Bay Area insurance company is owned by a long-time friend. We leveraged the long red awning outside of his office to portray the types of coverage he offers. www.sadlerinc.com


Drugstore.com site

Drugstore.com - As part of an elite team of health care writers, I created online content for some of this site's Buying Guides. My sections included Tooth Brushes, Breath Spray, Mouthwashes, Children's Sun Care Products, Shaving Cream, Deodorants, and 12 others. www.drugstore.com


Trademarketing site

TradeMarketing, Inc. - A marketing services agency focusing on the retail trade needed a site with secure client access. They wanted to show related case histories to prospective clients while allowing their current clients to review work in progress.


iprint site

iprint.com - The leading online stationery supplies site needed a paragraph of copy for each of 36 items in a week. I responded in two days with exactly what they needed for Specials, Business & Stationery, Gifts and Apparel, and Promotional Items.


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