eBook: Get on Google’s 1st Page

I’m very pleased to have edited my first eBook.

“How To Get on Google’s First Page Fast” was written by my colleague, Vitold Chrzanowski, founder of EnLocalDC.com, a top-notch Online Marketing company that specializes in engineering and building Google Local Search Listings now referred to as Google +Local Listings in conjunction with optimizing YouTube videos. In fact, I’ve been working with Vit across a handful of clients over the past six months and he’s quickly attained first page rankings on Google for ALL of them with multiple sets of keywords, including my own site!

This eBook’s mission is to reach out to all those businesses like yours who are seeking how-to advice to take advantage of time-tested and research-proven mechanisms. EnLocalDC wants you to:

  • Understand the online challenge and know the landscape.
  • Achieve the best possible Search Engine Ranking Page results on Google by using key words AND videos.
  • Go behind the curtain to share their most intimate “Secrets” that have worked well and served all of their friends and clients.
  • Have an easy-to-follow list of best practices to achieve higher rankings quickly.

If this sounds like a pain-free way to boost your Google rankings (and trust me, it is!), then I suggest that you purchase this eBook today at GroupPrice.com for $15 –– 50% off the retail price.


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