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As a Healthcare Copywriter, I’m proud to be organically listed near the top of search engines. In fact, this one page of my website is how most of my clients have found me.

Because I’m a San Francisco freelance healthcare copywriter with vast expertise across all media, I’ve had the good fortune of working with dozens of healthcare practices, as well as Pfizer, Merck, and GSK.

Below are my specific healthcare copywriter credentials. These include projects for cosmetic and general dentists, periodontists, dermatologists, med spas, orthopedic surgeons, pain management physicians, plastic/cosmetic surgeons, radiologists, urgent care clinics, pharmacies, urologists, vascular surgeons, lap-band surgeons, chiropractors, health plans, health insurance companies, as well as social media ads for clinical trials research studies covering more than 60 medical conditions.

Furthermore, for 11 years, I was an Account Manager / Copy Supervisor for the largest healthcare ad agency in Southern California, working directly with their clients from Alaska to Massachusetts to Florida.


The Best New Body – Website Copywriting

For this 66-page site that I wrote and managed for a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon on the San Francisco peninsula, you first see black-and-white images on the Home Page of Face, Body, Breast and Skin, etc. But when you mouse over these B/W images, they change to color images. website was written with keywords for both the surgical and non-surgical procedures pages with a specific keyword density to ensure great SEO search results. Kudos to Mitchell Design, Likoma and Surefire Online Marketing for working with me on the web design, WordPress implementation and SEO keywords, respectively.

AI & Digital Imaging Website Copywriting is a company that’s combining AI algorithms, Deep Learning technology and healthcare.

Their artificially intelligent radiology solution helps physicians more accurately diagnosis CT Scans, MRIs and X-rays.

The result is a streamlined diagnosis procedure that can typically yield faster, more accurate feedback about a patient’s digital imaging for a more positive prognosis.

Earlens: Medical Tech Copywriting

Earlens is a start-up medical technology company. They contacted me through a BNI referral –– an IP Attorney who had worked in the hearing aid industry who knew their founder.

I edited portions of the Earlens website, which is the only hearing aid to use light to transmit sound. In fact, they’ve created “a contact lens for your ear”.

The company says that its users experience richer, more complete hearing than they do with traditional hearing aids.

A Success Story About “The World’s Ugliest Varicose Veins”

A world-famous cyclist had what he affectionately called “The world’s ugliest varicose veins” –– and they were frightful! He had a very large cluster of varicose veins on the back of his left leg. He also told me that his father had vein stripping to remove his varicose veins.

George wanted to wait until he retired from the racing circuit to address his vein disease. He became a patient of an Ivy League-trained specialist in Greenville, SC. The physician performed a quick, effective and minimally invasive procedure to make his varicose veins disappear. This video interview shows dramatic “before/after” images.

Financial FDD_Home_350wDistrict Dental Website, Ads and Newsletter — Dr. Michael Hack ran this thriving cosmetic and general dentistry practice in San Francisco for over 40 years before retiring in 2014. I revised the healthcare copywriting for his 30+ page website as part of my BNI Embarcadero Marketing Makeover Team. For Dr. Hack, I’ve also written ads with Free Whitening offers (a $450 value), designed by Sharon Schanzer of Red Letter Day. Download Ad PDF. And here’s the link to the Premier Issue of Mental Floss, January 2009;  Dr. Hack’s monthly newsletter that I wrote as a healthcare copywriter; designed by Bradley Charbonneau,; sent via Mail Chimp. Other issues: February 2009; March/April 2009; May/June 2009;  July 2009; Fall 2009; February 2010; and Summer 2010.

Radio Commercial Copywriting for a Hearing Aid Franchise

I was recently referred to a new client in the Pacific Northwest who owns a handful of hearing centers. He had been running radio spots that were not producing results. Within a week, I wrote and produced a :30 and a :10 radio commercial through my alliance with the incredibly talented Troy Duran at Speed of Sound Productions. Have a listen to the 30-second recorded spot.

Website and Marketing Materials for Oral Care Candy is a site for remarkable new products being introduced to the US market. The Oralcryst® brand is comprised of revolutionary  “functional candy” with ingredients that have already been proven in Japan to effectively help kids naturally wash and chew away cavity-causing bacteria and to optimize their good oral health. These products are 100% Sugar-Free, Allergen-Free, Nut-Free, Peanut-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free and Trans Fat-Free, which is unique in the industry. Available in Orange, Grape, Strawberry and Green Apple.

Website for Safte Products — SAFTE is an acronym for “Safety Alert for The Elderly” system, an effective, affordable monitoring device that utilizes a patented “lack of motion” detector to ensure the resident is safely following their normal routine.

This innovative design provides Total Protection and peace of mind for seniors by operating both actively and passively.

Website for Tollgate Radiology

Tollgate Radiology — This practice, located in Providence, RI, was revised in early 2016. An East Coast web designer was referred to me after coming up empty on her search for a “radiology copywriter”.  I’ve written many websites for vascular surgeons and orthopedic surgeons who use vascular ultrasound to diagnose patient problems.

Radio Commercials for Lasik Client

Lasik-1 :30 radio jingles: I wrote these spots for a client in the Midwest through an agency on the East Coast, which proves I don’t have to live in your town to write, direct and produce great radio copywriting for you: 1) Lasik-1 Jingle: “Country Version” – Lasik-1: Country.mp3 2) Lasik-1 Jingle: Rock Version” – Lasik-1: Rock.mp3 3) “Lasik-1 Jingle: Easy Listening Version”– Lasik-1: Easy Listening.mp3

Self-Mailer for Blue Shield of California

— Blue Shield of California wanted to send a direct mail piece to potential beneficiaries to remind them that they no longer have to wait six months to get coverage for a pre-existing medical condition. We decided to use a self-mailer approach. This blue, black and white six-panel mailer utilized an arresting headline, straightforward copy, competitive Blue Shield personal HMO rate charts, and a tear-off postcard so recipients could request a call. It was very successful by returning a high response rate. Download side 1 of Self-Mailer PDF. Download side 2 of Self-Mailer PDF.

Website for Skincare Company

For this client in Maryland, S3, I wrote the new tagline: “Scientifically Proven. Superbly Radiant. Smarter Skincare.” to play off of the company’s name. For the home page, there are four slider visuals with headlines such as: “Skin. Therapy.”; “Smarter Skincare”; “Superbly Radiant Skin”; and “The Truth About Skincare”. I’ve used these products and they’re terrific for making your skin feel its best. Plus, they’re 98% Natural and made with 100% Recyclable Packaging. dentekcover.gif

Catalog for U.S. Dentek

U.S. Dentek dental products — I wrote a 12-page catalog/sales brochure for U.S. Dentek to introduce its Breath Remedy line of products, which we called “The World’s First Fresh Breath Kit.” It included a complete home oral breath care system with a daily regimen kit with the entire line of Breath Remedy products: Toothpaste, Tongue Scraper, Tongue Spray, Breath Drops and Mouth Rinse. The last few pages of the catalog were for the company’s established products like Dental Piks, Tartar Scrapers, Dental First Aid Kits, and more. My strength in healthcare copywriting, as well as catalog copywriting, helped me complete this successful product launch. Download Catalog Covers PDF. Download Catalog Inside Pages PDF.

SEO Keywords For LAPSF Website

I’ve rewritten with SEO keywords copy for its main pages. These bariatric surgery leaders in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Honolulu offer Laparoscopic techniques for superior weight-loss surgery procedures, gastric bypass and LapBand surgery. This site even offers a Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator.

Copy Editing for Asuka Laser Website

Asuka Laser — This site was written in Japanese for veterinarians, then translated loosely in English. I then edited the content for a North American audience with my healthcare copywriting experience — and as a dog owner. It offers versatile applications for diode laser use.

Articles for Alert Diver Magazine

— Finally, I’ve written four magazine articles that were published in Alert Diver Magazine by Diver’s Alert Network. You can read them here:
The Sun Also Burns; May 2001
Low Anxiety: Getting Narked in Belize’s Great Blue Hole; June 2001
To Dive or Not To Dive: A California Diver’s Experience in Florida Waters; April 2002
Equipment Upgrade 2.0: Your Gear May Be Years Old. It Still Works. But Is It Safe?; May 2002

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