Freelance Copywriting Testimonials

For freelance copywriting, I’m proud to have received these glowing testimonials about my freelance advertising copywriter expertise:

“You saved my life on our Senior Living website program, thanks so much for your words and experience. You were able to create synergy between all of the areas of the site, which is difficult without your knowledge of the field. Our client also appreciated your level of expertise in copywriting and we were able to take their input and make the needed changes with a quick turnaround. You are found gold for me, thanks for being part of the team.” – Mike Graf, Fallbrook Advertising

“I was in your seminar ‘Blogging About Bubbles’ at Scuba Show 2023 in Long Beach, CA. I offered a title about whale sharks and you told me to write the story and send it to you. I would love to do what you do and write articles for travel and dive magazines. I’d like to know what you think. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Your seminar was truly my favorite from the entire weekend.” – Carly Anderson,

“Knowledgeable and prompt, working with Gil is a consummate pleasure. He turns in clean copy and covers various topics across many regions, including the Bay Area and Hawaii. We wouldn’t keep using him unless he was this good!” – Kasia Pawlowska, Executive Editor,

“Copywriting ability is likened to a brilliant singing voice and its graceful fluidity. This is Gil Zeimer. My website developer introduced us and it was kismet. Gil curated content with such specificity, clearly expressing my professional persona. The process was seamless as we reviewed his copy content for each segment of my website. He couldn’t have made it any easier and we couldn’t have assembled my site without him. It was complete in a timely manner. Moreover, Gil’s wit and humor made our work enjoyable. I look forward to future work with him!” – Noel Flores, Realtor ®, Vanguard Sonoma   

“Gil has been working for our medical spa with writing blogs and assisting SEO projects for the past few months now. The moment I spoke to him on the phone about my project, it was evident that he was both a knowledgeable and friendly person.

“Every time he submits an article for review, his writing has always exceeded our expectations. His content is a perfect blend of scientific, engaging and informative on current trends in our industry. We have had him write articles from 700-2000 words about different services and I have yet to be bored. The articles are always unique and never have obvious buffer words to raise the word count.

“Gil’s speedy responses and humorous communication is also always appreciated. He will reply immediately, be it late or a holiday weekend. You can tell he really wants you to succeed as a business because will go out of his way to give suggestions and helpful feedback. We can always count on him to be professional and timely with his post submissions.

“I personally get late sending over my titles and overviews, but he will send back a perfect article with a fast turnover as soon as I do. I highly recommend Gil and I secretly hope this review doesn’t get him too busy for us!”
– Zee J., Qazi Cosmetic Clinic and MedSpa, Irvine, CA

“As the Creative Strategy Director for a Boutique PR Agency, it is absolutely essential to my success to work with talented, diverse, and highly reliable writers. Contacting with Gil Zeimer has been a wonderful decision. Gil is an exceptional writer for a wide variety of projects amongst a diverse and deep subset of industries. His unique ability to pivot and adapt to my project scope has been paramount to delivering my clients the high quality of writing they have grown to love. Gil’s proven track record of success began when I was introduced to him through projects during my last position, as the Director of Marketing. His enthusiastic nature and attitude coupled with exceptional writing and timely deliverables inspired me continue my work with him even after I left my last organization.” – Kimberly Zambrello

A website has only one purpose; effectively communicate information. There are millions of so called website writers, but trying to find one that can write well and communicate effectively is virtually impossible. My painfully expensive experience working with dozens of terrible writers has made this abundantly clear to me.

“Finally, I’ve found the one writer who has proven to be outstanding, Gil Zeimer. Gil possess all the qualities of a great web writer. He listens, comprehends and effectively communicates your business to your perspective customers based on SEO and outstanding advertising skills. If you want the best in the business, I highly recommend Gil Zeimer.” – Michael Paloian, Founder, Integrated Design Systems, IDSYS, Oyster Bay, NY

Gil Zeimer is a phenomenal writer. I hired him to write my profession bio for my website and social media, and I could not be more happy with the results. He has the ability to convey information in a flowing, compelling way. I like that his writing has logic and structure and it is still very creative. Gil is as well a wonderful person, very easy to work with and fast! He has my enthusiastic recommendation!” – Karolina Zapolska, Freelance Photographer & Videographer, San Francisco, CA

“We were looking for a fresh and exciting new Membership Directory that both members and visitors would want to continue to use as a reference guide on a daily basis. We wanted to promote our area, encourage people to visit, fall in love and want to move here. We also wanted to attract businesses to relocate here along with having a Membership Directory where information about our members was easy to find.

“We had the ‘history content’, but not the creativity . That is where Gil Zeimer stepped in to make it happen. Spending a little time, he asked some important questions, established the direction and the targeted ‘Stories’ to use. Passing on the history content and links to the areas of our website with information, Gil let his talent take control. I sat back to await the creative juices to flow (his, not mine). Adding little tidbits, he conceived Insets and Sprinkles for more interesting reading!

“As the ‘Stories’ were created, all I needed to do was read them, offer suggestions if I wanted to add, delete or had questions. What would have taken me forever to complete, Gil completed in such a speedy timeframe. At the same time, he made it fun, informative and very creative. Thank you for all of your work. I can’t wait to work with you again, Gil!” – Melody Floyd, The Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce,

“Gil recently wrote an article for me that beautifully tied our business of creating with the Language of Flowers into a birth announcement. I gave him complete freedom and was thrilled with not only the style but with its relevance and how well-researched the final product was. It was a joy and a delight to work with Gil and I’d highly recommend his writing services to anyone looking to get a well-written, smart, engaging article done on their behalf.” – Miquila Alejandre Romero, The Bloom Equation

“The marketing team is going through the various processes for reviewing and proofing and publishing your blog post, and they are over the moon in love with your stories! I just keep hearing ‘love this!’ Thank you! Warmest wishes – Lisa LaMagna, Home Care Assistance

Lunar Cow Publishing has been using the copywriting services from Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe since 2011 with wonderful results. Our client base covers the entire United States and Gil has been delighting my clients one after another for many years. He is so easy to work with and does such an awesome job for us. He works so diligently and our clients love to collaborate with him. My clients continue to express their complete satisfaction with using the copywriting services from Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe. My clients are in the Travel and Tourism industry and he just continues to hit home runs for me. Way to go!” – Benjamin Harris, President, Lunar Cow, Akron, OH

“Our law firm hired Gil to write a series of blogs designed to warn the public about a class of dangerous oil-filled space heaters. We are very happy with Gil’s work and would recommend him to anyone with an important message to communicate.  Gil’s writing style is to the point, fun to read and easy to understand. We are looking forward to our next project with Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe.” – Albert G. Stoll, Jr., Albert G. Stoll Law Group, San Francisco, 5-star Yelp Review

I had worked with Lauren Deane Evans of Good Looking Ideas years ago to create an outdoor banner for my coffee shop. I remembered how creative she was, so I asked her to design a new logo and website for my IT consulting company. She found amazing images and introduced me to Gil Zeimer whose headlines and copy were the perfect match. My partner and I are extremely pleased with the results.” – Alex Goretsky, Co-Founder,

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gil for the past 6+ years on a variety of healthcare clients. I trust him to ask intelligent questions, clearly communicate his timelines and deliver highly customized work at a reasonable price. Whether I need creative ideas, project execution, account oversight or compelling copy, I turn to Gil for reliable service time and time again. He is a great communicator, meets or exceeds deadlines and is a happy person, which makes working with him just that much better!” – Jamie, Marketing Strategist

“Gil is not only an outstanding healthcare marketing copywriter and SEO expert, but he is also an experienced marketing and business development strategist. That’s a rare and valuable combination. I strongly endorse Gil to anyone who needs his high level of expertise and talent.” – Lonnie Hirsch, Founder, CEO, Hirsch Healthcare Consulting

“Gil bailed me out of many jams when I needed copy for my healthcare clients because he is good, versatile and fast. His copy was very good and his attitude was always perfect. I would highly recommend Gil if you need any kind of writing done professionally and on time.” –  5-Star Yelp Review, Howard, Westminster, CA

“We have been working with Gil regularly for the past 5 months on social media posts for clinical trial recruiting. We were introduced to him because we needed someone with medical writing experience. Our client’s research studies vary greatly and Gil always creates the right blend of medical detail with everyday situations that we need in order to relate to the public. He always listens to our feedback and makes sure that the next round of posts and ads are meeting our requests. He is so easy to work with, has a great sense of humour and always delivers on time! You can’t ask for more!” – 5-Star Yelp Review, Gillian, Tustin, CA

“Gil is amazing! We needed editing/writing help for a flyer for our non profit and he understood exactly what we were looking for. He turned around the edits promptly and gave us invaluable suggestions, revisions ideas and advice.  We  can’t thank him enough for his  guidance for our flyer. He is great to work with and we recommend him highly.” – 5-Star Yelp Review, Marilyn C., Oakland, CA

“Gil has been a pleasure to work with and a wonderful asset to me in editing the content for my website. He is very professional, intelligent, and responsive. He was also proactive in making a number of suggestions about additional material that would help me reach my target audience. It’s clear that Gil cares about the success of his clients.” – 5-Star Yelp Review, Mark B., Corte Madera, CA

“I love working with Gil. He is insightful, witty, and has plenty of experience to bring your business the proper attention with the right words. Whether it is a brochure or a web site, Gil has the knowledge to make you really stand out! 6 stars!” – 5-Star Yelp Review, Todd S., San Francisco, CA

“Thanks Gil for the great copy for my new website and newsletter! Your copy has helped my website find its voice while helping with SEO. You are true master of the pen which is mightier than sword. Not sure if you knew that.” – 5-Star Yelp Review, Marty W., San Francisco, CA

“Gil Zeimer brought together a team to create a polished website for my law practice. He was able to envision the concept that I had and make it a reality. is easy to use, informative and flows smoothly with sliders that fade in and out portraying images that represent the services my office provides.  In my mind’s eye, I see him  as a director of a small orchestra, making sure that each player stays  in tune and rhythm to end with a perfect concerto.” – Helen Zebèl, Law Office of Helen B. Zebèl,

“I can’t say enough about Gil. I hired him to do a relatively small project. He did a great job and added a ton of extra value by providing me with helpful tips and ideas in addition to the copy. Gil is talented, patient, and thoughtful about his work. I would recommend him for any project, big or small.” –5-Star Yelp Review, Isaac J., San Francisco, CA

“I am very happy with the copywriting of my revised website. The content that you wrote was more intuitive of what the website audience wanted and of what I wanted to convey. It’s very precise, coherent and approachable at the same time. Thank you again for being my ‘radiology copywriter’.” – Dr. Vincent Frazzini, co-founder, Tollgate Radiology, Warwick, RI

“After hiring and firing two copywriters, I found Gil, who came up to speed at the eleventh hour. Gil churned out just the right marketing copy for my website starting on the day we signed the contract. If it weren’t for him, I would have missed the deadline for my website launch. Gil immediately understood my brand and the nuances of the services I provide. He is a professional of great integrity who knows how to deliver!” – R. Ruth Linden, Ph.D., President, Tree of Life Health Advocates, 

“Gil is amazing to work with!  He has in-depth professional experience with large to small clients, in many different sectors.  Gil is flexible, fast, fair,  and good natured with my clients.  What else could you ask for?”5-Star Yelp Review, Laurie R, San Rafael, CA

“The brochure you wrote is awesome considering 3 weeks ago you didn’t know us from Adam. I’ve enjoyed our interactions and look forward to presenting this brochure to prospective clients and at annual sales meetings.” – Mark Ross, General Manager, GCX Mounting Solutions

“What a delight to work with Gil on the creative direction for ad copy and radio spots for my client, Resonance Jazz Ensemble. I wanted something lively that covered a wide gamut of what they do and Gil delivered – fast, on time, with  spot-on messaging! He even handled organizing all the info for all the stations, various ads, and contests to make it easy for me (and our awesome media buyer, Ellen Young) to manage. Plus he mixed the music beds to save us heaps of record/mix time and cost, just at a time I most needed reliable help. He even took time in the final stages to proof all of this the day my eye was swollen shut from an injury. Now that’s going way over and above! He’s responsive, clever, reliable, worth every penny, and easy to work with, too. What more could you want? Highly recommended!” – Allison Bliss, Director of Marketing Communications firm: Allison Bliss Consulting

“Gil wrote the copy for my new Headshot Day website. He took my concept and put it into words, integrating my SEO keywords seamlessly into the narrative. His structured approach for each page made it a snap for my web builder to put the words into the site exactly where they needed to go. Gil is fast, reliable, creative and meticulous.” – Scott R. Kline, Photographer,

“My law firm ( had a web site that was in dire need of an update. Working with Gil Zeimer as our project manager and copywriter for content, we realized that we needed more than just a fresh coat of paint on the home page.

“Gil worked closely with me on outlining the site map, then coordinating the keyword deliverables with our SEO expert and revising the copy for all of our pages. Next, he collaborated with the art director who was designing the site, and oversaw the WordPress expert who provided the final phase of the build out. In short, he was our “one-stop shop” for website copywriting and that’s why we recommend Gil for any site — whether you have a law firm or anything else.”
– Reno Fernandez, Partner,, San Francisco and Modesto, CA

“Working with Gil has been an absolute joy. He’s a wonderful writer, always on top of deadlines and willing to go the extra mile. But best of all… he’s a great guy with a fabulous sense of humor which is such a plus on any project.” – Candace Upman | Mitchell Design

“We are a professional services firm that committed ourselves to launching a new company and product, which is video-based training.

“Gil Zeimer was a key member of our team to develop a product name and brand.  We were amazed at the depth of experience that he brought to the table!  We started collaborating early on, in the product-concepting phase.  Gil has great experience with video, software, and product marketing. He took this brand and infused it into every part of the product, web copy, script copy, and print collateral.

“In the end, we created a great product that is professionally done and aimed directly at our target market using messaging created by Gil to resonate with small businesses.  We’re having a great launch now with very positive response, and we look forward to working with Gil again to develop the next round of products!” – Ray Simon, Founder, RightClix

“We hired HSS to give us valuable strategic insight and direction on increasing our patient volume and becoming THE place to go to for orthopedics in central Illinois.  Your team of talented strategic planners, copywriters, web designers, media buyers, trainers, and project managers all brought their individual talents together to create a plan that was going to work best for our company and help us thrive in 2012 and beyond.

“Dealing with Gil Zeimer on various components of this campaign has been a pleasure.  He is timely, efficient, and keeps the ball rolling. He’s very good at keeping everyone involved in the loop of progress, changes, and recommendations.

“We fell in love with our new marketing brochure – we are so excited to watch our practice grow with the help and partnership of HSS.” – Amy L. Rodek, MA, CCP, Director of Marketing & Communications, Orthopedic Center of Illinois

“Thank you for all your hard work, patience and flexibility. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.” – Theresa Pinto, President, Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce, Rocky Mount, NC

“Gil Zeimer is not only a pleasure to work with, but a real pro. Having worked with many copywriters over the years, Gil is always on the ball and on target. I am proud of the final outcome and of our collaborative efforts.” – Terri Hawes, Creative Director, I On Design, Inc.

“The email campaign for our webinar was a great success — thank you! Briefly: 6,500 NFL email addresses secured; 160+ webinar subscribers; average open rate 35%!; ROI 3%. Fantastic responses from attendees.” – Ernie Spears, CEO/Publisher, Pro Athlete Alliance

” I want you to know that the IWF Gala was a total home run! Both the table and the event were well played. Thanks for your help, both with the IWF table placement, and also the new website.”– Stephen Gandy, Certified Financial Planner

“I had a basic video script draft and needed help on copy under a tight deadline. My client was in a highly unusual and technical industry. Gil got the gist of the technology very, very quickly and did some excellent excellent writing with a very very quick turnaround.”
Eli Woods & Co Productions: Audio, Web Ads & Motion Graphics

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gil Zeimer on ‘both sides of the glass’: I own and manage the Speed of Sound production studio in St. Louis, MO, and hired Gil to write copy for my website. The end result is a truly effective online presence that clearly guides the user through the process of becoming a customer. I don’t think I can overstate the importance of effective copy for your website!
“Gil in turn, hired me to record and produce some radio and TV ads for his client. His copy is very thoughtfully written, with great attention to detail, yet at the same time written as a real live human being speaks. It is so much easier to communicate a compelling message when the copy is this good!”
Troy Duran, Owner, Speed Of Sound Audio Production

“Gil is an exceptionally talented and skilled writer. He served as copywriter for a website we collaborated on, He came loaded with ideas, and an arsenal of SEO knowledge. He works quickly, efficiently, and made my job easy.”
Carrie Santi, Web Designer/Developer,

“Working with Gil is great. He is creative, motivated and professional. I couldn’t have finished my website without his ingenious wordsmithing. Thank you, Gil! ”
– Pam Card, Surefire Online Marketing

“Gil Zeimer has done several projects for me over the past six years. He always original and constantly creative in his ideas and writing. He is also an expert in the technology involved and keeps abreast of ever-changing advancements in that area. He’s not just a clever and thoughtful writer, he advises and consults as well and becomes a partner in the project. That’s because he’s dedicated and genuinely concerned about his clients’ success. He has a wonderful, spontaneous sense of humor as well as a generous heart and his calm patience allows for the client to be creative as well. He always respects feedback and is flexible in his working relationship. He is a consummate professional–responsible and experienced. Of all of the people I’ve worked with in over forty years in my profession, Gil is one of the most pleasurable I’ve ever had the good fortune to deal with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”
– Dr. Michael Hack, Financial District Dental

“I was given the gift of both Gil and Bradley Charbonneau’s work from an auction donation. They met with me, helped me work through ideas and dealt with the many details and changes. I’m very happy with the results and their extremely hard work.”
– Kathy Rosenberg-Wohl, Founder,

“Big thanks to Gil Zeimer for writing over 250 terms for the Small Business Dictionary that we published on the Intuit Small Business Blog at We choose Gil for this project over a larger vendor because he was flexible and fast in response to our requests. He’s also been a steady contributor of articles to the blog, and it’s great having him available to help.” – Jay Badenhope, Intuit, Sr. Marketing Manager, Small Business Online Engagement Team

“Gil, as you know, I interviewed six writers across the country to revise the content of my skincare products Website. You had the best credentials and you didn’t disappoint. The text you wrote was simply fantastic. I sincerely appreciate your talent — and it is talent. I think I made one or two word changes and messed with a few of the titles, but really very few edits. I really just wanted to tell you that I think the text is great.” – Gary Susel, Founder, S3 Skincare Products,

“Gil brings focused enthusiasm to each and every project he touches. He is the most clever copy writer with whom I have ever worked. After careful listening to the client’s needs and goals, he creates communication that gets noticed and stays top of mind. He brings humor and can do attitude to deliver on time, on target results.” – Erin Fray, Principal,Brand Strategy and Marketing Professional, Luminous Brands Strategic Marketing

“Thank you so much for your interest in writing and publishing this article on the Intuit Small Business blog! You did an awesome job in getting the message out, because our CEO in Cinncinati found the article before I had a chance to mentioned it to him. He was very impressed, thank you once again!” – Virna Hudson, VP Marketing & Sales, Fresh Coat Painters

“Gil re-wrote our 50-page Website and brought our SEO scores way up with his copywriting skills. He worked flawlessly with our marketing and development teams against tight schedules, always with a great team spirit. He quickly learned our content management system and posted all the new pages, so they looked great as well.” – Van Jepson, Founder, GroupPrice, Inc.

“I had the good fortune to win a bid at the Rooftop School auction for an item to design a website offered by the team of Bradley Charbonneau of Likoma and Gil Zeimer of Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe to assist with both the website design and marketing ideas. I was in the middle of a major move at the time, and took some time to contact them. Gil arranged to meet me within a few days, we had a very efficient hour-long meeting, which gave him the basics of what I wanted in the website and he gave me instructions as to what I would need to go forward. From this meeting, he determined and developed the copy for the pages needed for the website.

“Bradley assisted me in coming up with a website domain name, bought the website, did the design basics, and taught me how to buy internet photos. He then went to work and developed my website. He was incredibly patient when I had a change of heart and decided to change the domain name mid-construction, as well as adding translation buttons for the 20 countries I requested!

“Gil worked with me to determine and build the hyperlinks into the website. In spite of the long list of connections, the links quickly appeared to associations in my network. Both Bradley and Gil taught me to be self-reliant with the website. Bradley taught me to navigate around WordPress to make changes and Gil taught me to add hyperlinks. They were great to work with. They generously offered their services as a school fundraiser and are generous in delivering an excellent product. I highly recommend them for your website and advertising work.” – Much appreciation from Barbara Attard,

“Gil has brought great clarity and creativity to our business marketing material well beyond our expectations. He has performed efficiently at the highest possible level under a tight schedule. I have a new-found respect for command of the English language and all its intricacies that make writing a powerful vehicle for small business.” – Joshua Larson, Larson-Shores Architects, Inc.

“Gil was the primary writer and project manager for dozens of successful marketing campaigns and development projects that we co-delivered to Accenture, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and other major clients. These projects spanned large-scale Web development, corporate video training, hosted application development (SaaS), and huge amounts of original content creation — with Gil taking the lead, and managing our virtual team of developers. His talent and experience as a marketing writer, along with his enormous appetite for work, allowed us to outperform our “New York agency” competitors and delight our global customers. Across many years of challenging projects, we never failed to deliver on time / within budget / to the highest standards; that achievement speaks volumes about Gil’s professionalism and rock-solid reliability. Highest possible recommendation across the board!” – John Woodbury, Founder, Econiverse

“Gil is an incredible writer. His copy always jumps off the page no matter the subject or product. I’ve loved reading his words, whether it’s for a travel piece about scuba diving in Kosrae or a Website narration on Hospice Care. I’m illuminated when I read Gil’s words–about the world, how to simplify complex ideas, the beauty of a direct and intelligent approach . He’s not only a 5-star copywriter, but a brilliant director who can suss out the kernel of a piece in seconds flat, under pressure. I’ve learned a lot from Gil and I know his copy has made me a better actor. And his tenacity, generosity, humor and compassion help make working with him a true joy. I recommend his work highly!” – Johanna Parker, Actor,

“Getting to know Gil and have him craft and review all the copy for everything we need is really a blessing. Working from Tokyo across the Pacific Ocean, he is always there to support my young company to make things happen. His work is creative and done in a timely manner with high standards and at a reasonable price. I would definitely give credit to Gil as one of the people responsible for the success and growth of my business. Gil, I am still counting on you! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Nan Elvia, Managing Director,

“Gil is great to work with. He helped me put together a direct mail copy for my real estate investment work. He spent lots of time understanding what needs to be done and put the copy together after accommodating several edits. Furthermore he is very well connected in the advertising world. Gil put me in touch with a direct mail fulfillment agency. Thanks to his advice and suggestions, my direct mail response rates have gone from 0.01% to a whopping 3%. If you decide to work with Gil, then be prepared to get outstanding service for a affordable price.” – G.J., Santa Clara, CA

“Our very first marketing newsletter has been received by residents and prospective residents with very positive remarks. This is a discerning and highly educated audience so when they say that it is well-written, we know we earned that compliment. The newsletter conveys the warmth and personality of our individual communities while conveying information about our programs, staff and residents in an engaging manner. Our corporate office thinks so highly of it they have given us permission to do one more edition before the end of the year. In this economy, that is a real coup! We couldn’t be more pleased.” – Candiece Lindstrom, Director of Marketing, The Sequoias, San Francisco

“I was able to give Gil general guidelines for creating copy for my Website. He was able to run with these ideas while I stayed hands off on the process and turn out great copy that I now have for my Website. The process was easy and Gil was a pleasure to work with. I have been able to refer him on multiple occasions to people that want an expert copywriter.” – Brian Johnson, Franchise Consultant, Franchise Resource Network

“Gil is a team-oriented, professional copy writer with the willingness to try new ideas and open mindedness to learn. When tasked with writing my home page copy, Gil knew what questions to ask, adapted to my needs and hit a home run on the messaging. Not to mention, he did all this in a timely fashion. Every website should have his creative copy writing stamp on it! I look forward to working on more collaborative projects with you.” – Rob Sanders,

“As Marketing Manager at Schwab a few years ago, I selected Gil Zeimer as our campaign copywriter for the integrated marketing and launch of Schwab’s new Mortgage Center. Gil brought a breadth of experience and contributed to our overall strategy, creative treatment and effectively articulated Schwab’s value proposition across all media. The campaign involved both online and offline marketing vehicles as well as various customized features and Gil adapted easily to changes and focused effectively on the client needs. I relied on Gil’s expertise and follow through and considered him a key contributor to the team and to the success of the launch. I would be very happy to work with him again and am sure he’d be a great asset to any project or campaign.” – Anna Melillo, Marketing Wizard, Anna Melillo & Associates

“Gil, You rock! 40% of the people who got your email made a purchase on our site! This is probably too good to even tell your clients about. Who would believe you? And if they did, you’ve set the bar pretty high. I’m glad we finally got to work together. You’ve been a great source of advice and ideas. Thanks for the fast turnaround and amazing results.” – Jeff Fenigstein,

“As Woody Allen would say, we don’t just love it, we ‘lurve’ it. And again, heartfelt thanks from all of us at The Arc. I have heard several comments that the concept couldn’t be more relevant, and how impactful and effective the design is!!!” – Meredith Manning, The Arc of San Francisco

“Experience pays. I’ve done many direct response projects with Gil and I’ve always found him so easy to concept with and work with. He does a great job and handles work quickly and efficiently- never losing site of the objective. Results. He knows what works because he has tested 99% of everything out there. Whether it’s financial services or medical devices, Gil knows his stuff and he’s a pleasure to be around and work with.” – Andre Cohen, A. Cohen Marketing

“Gil is great, what a gem, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We have two new products going out and his tweaks have been fantastic.” – Donna Milgram, Executive Director, Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science,

Gil should have a big, red “Z”emblazoned across his chest because he’s my superhero editor. The first time Gil turned around an article for me, it was amazing. It reflected our style and voice so well that I couldn’t tell what he had changed – except it sounded so much better! It was more clear, and more fun to read. He makes great suggestions, checks my facts to make sure they’re accurate and complete, and helps keep our articles more current and relevant. And when I’m stuck, he helps me get unstuck.

“Plus, Gil’s customer service is, well, terrific. It’s just obvious that he’s thinking of us and our business. If I’m late, he’ll work late to make us on time again. He sends me ideas for my newsletter, ideas for my business, and opportunities I may be interested in. And you’d think that would be enough. But he does the little things too “ things that, before experiencing them, I hadn’t ever really thought about. But, for example, every time we pay him, Gil sends me a thank you. It may not sound like much until you see how it feels. You’ll get addicted, too.

“We have high standards, for ourselves and for our vendors. But Gil doesn’t just meet those, he surpasses them. And because we can rely on his skills, his sense of our audience, and his ability to help us maintain a single voice across our communications, we’re able to be more creative and relaxed when we write. That makes our writing better too.” – Lorre Zuppan, branes, LLC,

“As a freelance copywriter, I’ve brought Gil on board on several Wells Fargo projects focusing on their home equity customer base. Whether working with our in-house creatives or another freelancer, Gil is a true professional and team player. His knowledge of the financial services industry and this client in particular has made him invaluable to me on projects that need to get off the ground quickly. In particular, Gil was instrumental in working with one of our art directors on a direct mail project to drive HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) usage. When the client shaved two weeks off of our schedule, Gil worked alongside the rest of the team to have creative concepts ready days before they were originally due. The client was delighted in the turnaround, but more importantly, they loved all three concepts, and saw one through to the end with only minor modifications. I will definitely be bringing Gil to the table on future projects!” – Christopher Lane, Former Creative Strategy Manager, Rauxa Direct, San Francisco

“The feedback we got from our direct mail campaign that Gil wrote the copy for was extremely positive. Follow-up calls by the sales team confirmed that those who they spoke with remembered the package and liked it a lot. Not only did it generate a lot of positive feedback from our target audience, but it generated real interest and requests for in-depth product presentations in person. This is better than any responses from our previous campaigns.” – Marlen Otten, Marketing Manager, InterHealth USA

“Over the course of seven months during 2009, I tapped Gil Zeimer to act as a freelance copywriter, creative director and project manager for a direct marketing campaign for a new promotional phone card client. I was constantly amazed at Gil’s ability to manage the client who needed copious amounts of hand-holding, at Gil’s range of creative explorations, at his freelance copywriting expertise to drive home the unique selling propositions, and at his unfailing good humor about the extended length of the process. I thought I knew Gil’s range of talents before this project, but he wiped my slate clean and rewrote it for future endeavors.” – Frank Jamieson, Applied DM Research Inc.

“We’ve found an excellent partner in Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe for freelance copywriting — from understanding our business and developing concepts, to providing creative and compelling work. The work is crisp, professional and always hits the exact tone we’re looking for.” – Paige Wesley, Former Director of Communications, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

“Gil is a true pleasure to work with. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs a professional and creative copy editor and/or creative freelance copywriter. He is able to convey a corporate message, sales concept or idea in simple, straightforward language that is impactful and meaningful. We often have to hand notes, ideas, thoughts or too many pages of content over to Gil and he produces the best representative of our materials in the shortest format possible. I enjoy working with Gil on our internal projects as well as assigning him to client engagements and trust that he will treat both with the utmost professionalism.” – Alexandra Nelson Ryan, Vice President, Practice Manager: Learning and Change, Evantec

“Gil was recommended to me and after searching his Website and reviewing his past work, I decided to see what he could accomplish with my rough Website prose. Gil, in a matter of days, polished up my Website, put a professional look on everything, and weaved in critical search engine keywords that would help drive more traffic. He took the whole Website up several notches. I recommend his work and professionalism without reservation.” – Robert Tarleton, Personal Technology Consultant,

“I hired Gil Zeimer to draft a press release for my business, after he had revised the copy for my Website and two marketing sheets. Less than a week after sending out the press release to the Charles Houston Bar Association, I received an email from a committee member of the Minority Bar Coalition inviting me to speak as a panelist for the Minority Bar Coalition’s 2008 Unity Conference & Reception at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. Thanks To Gil Zeimer, I achieved my goal of becoming more visible and thus attracted business.”
– Tamara W. Steele, Esq., Certified Executive Coach, Speaker & Trainer, New Heights Company

“The two-sided leave-behind you wrote and edited was AWESOME!! It got a ton of compliments in my seminar today! Thanks so much for turning it around in 48 hours from the stack of client letters I’d sent you.” – John Seeley, Senior Associate, Business Capital

“I have been working with Gil for five years now for freelance copywriting on a go-to basis. He’s always wildly creative, strategically on target, amazingly prolific, and has spoiled me to work with other freelance copywriters. I can’t recommend him highly enough for any direct marketing or other kind of project.” – Sharon Schanzer, Principal, Red Letter Day Graphic Design

“Gil Zeimer not only writes excellent copy, he manages projects. I’ve worked with him on numerous projects and he keeps the ball rolling, gets client approval, manages the team and gets the project done on time and within budget. In a word, he’s a pro for freelance copywriting, creative director and project manager.”
– Bradley Charbonneau, President, Likoma Design

“Gil is excellent at turning our marketing copy into a professional and interesting read. His attention to detail and quick turnaround on projects are top notch. I highly recommend his work and will continue to work with him in years to come!” – Rachel Walls, President, The Golden Gate Company

“Working with Gil greatly accelerated our ability to communicate with our clients. From strategic planning, copy creation, copy editing and project management, Gil has been instrumental in enabling us to quickly launch a new website, new datasheets, whitepapers and a monthly newsletter.” – James Miller, Former VP International, VNU Global Media

“Gil went above and beyond the call of duty as a freelance copywriter in working with Riley Design Associates to revise an overview brochure and write a 25-page Web site for this leading translation and interpretation language solutions company: Since the client’s core business is language solutions, the content needed to concisely communicate the client’s brand and messaging.” – Ken Madsen, Principal, Riley Design Associates

“The Hawaii Air Ambulance 2004 Annual Report is terrific. JOB WELL DONE! You and your designer are like DaVinci and Michaelangelo.” – Andrew Kluger, CEO, Hawaii Air Ambulance

“Gil is an incredibly organized, hard-working individual who is really easy to work with. He knows how to manage a project well, including the best way to handle clients. I’m always thrilled to hear I’ll be working with him, because I know that I’ll be part of a top-notch team.” – Laura Schatzkin, Owner, Modo Web Design

“Gil is an excellent freelance copywriter. He always impresses me with his ability to take client’s direction and turn it into smart, clever, pithy copy. And he can work miracles on short deadlines.” – Daniel Strickland, Account Manager, Kuleana Design

“Gil Zeimer and his designer Joan Groves created a beautiful sales tool for Cayson Designs. From the first concepts to the finished product, Gil’s creativity was evident. Thanks again for all your efforts on my behalf.” – Lynette Cayson, President, Cayson Culinary Designs

“Gil, it looks like you are going to get me on the New York Time’s Best Seller’s List! Thank you for the editing work you did for the chapter I submitted for Shirley Fong-Torres’ upcoming book. The publisher has accepted the submission. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.” – Kevin Casey, Mortgage Broker, The Loan Office of Kevin Casey

“Gil is a very talented creative thinker and strong resource. We completed very successful direct marketing campaigns together and I would highly recommend him. Hope to work with him again.” – Cynde Starck, Creative Director, Starck Design

“I had the pleasure in working with Gil on a corporate brochure for a financial management company. Gil knew the industry and develop some exceptional content that worked perfectly within the layout of the brochure that was provided to him. He kept clear communications throughout the project and was a joy to work with. I definitely recommend him for all your freelance copywriting needs.” – Brian Murphy, President and CCO, Concort Communications

“Our design agency landed a first time project with a major bank — the turnaround time was extremely tight and a great deal was riding on our writer. It was the first time that we worked with Gil and he not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. I have never before seen a freelance copywriting resource produce quality work so quickly.” –– Kristin Davidson, Former Project Manager, Damore Johann

“This was my first experience with an outside freelance copywriter and it has probably ruined the curve for the rest of the industry. Gil is a first-rate Website copywriter. He was quick to grasp our industry and our corporate culture — and help us communicate that to our clients. His work was fabulously fast, on-time and on-budget. I can’t say enough good things!” – Mike Fleck, Vice President, Colt Express Outsourcing Services, Inc.

“All of your Web edits for Grand Cayman, Hawaii and Aruba look awesome. You make my job so much easier! I’m thrilled to have you as a resource for this and other projects.” – Lee Ann Wade, Former Director of Sales & Marketing, Red Sail Sports

“The ‘Three Ways to Save’ upgrade technical brochure you provided was a HUGE success and sales have doubled beyond our initial expectations. Thank you!” – Cheryl Steets, General Manager, gINT Software

“You’ve made a world of difference in the revised copy for our Web site! In a short time, you’ve really captured what we want to say and how we want to say it! I also like the way you created different options. This makes the writing you performed less repetitious and much more interesting. I’m really happy with these results. Thanks again!”– Angela Kray, Account Manager, Neil & Associates

“On time. On budget. On strategy. Zeimer gets the job done every time. You’ve made my clients very happy — and that’s the best measure there is. That’s why I’ve moved Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe to the front of my Rolodex for freelance copywriting!” – Steve Hasler, Former VP, Creative Development, MGH Advertising, Baltimore

“I had the good fortune to work with Gil at the conception stage of our telecommunications company. I asked him to refine rough copy I had created for our Web site. I was impressed with Gil’s efficient and professional manner, turning around polished copy within in a few days, which was sharp, crisp and witty.

“Gil also wrote the copy and handled the creative direction of our HTML email advertising, which we still use today. His expertise has proven to be a great success. Gil has effectively worked as our in-house marketing department by applying his 25 years of experience in helping us become a successful company.

“On a personal note, Gil is a pleasure to work with, who I look forward to work with for years to come.” – Rob Duner-Fenter, CEO, Intune Telecom

“For the direct mail packages Gil wrote for us, we hit about a 3% response rate, which is at least three times greater than anything anyone else has ever done for us. He was able to absorb and effectively write about a very complex subject matter with genuine flexibility in the face of several rounds of copy revisions affecting several versions of our project.” – Vitt Lacson, Former Direct Marketing Programs Manager, Inference Corporation

“The ultimate validation of your Discussions 3.0 sell sheet was when our Director of Business Dev (and sales) said it was fantastic — the best copy and design she’d seen ever.’ Great job. I appreciate both of your efforts to work at it and shape it.” – Anna Mellilo, Former Vice President, Marketing, Well Engaged, LLC

“I was tasked with bringing a new web site live in a very short time period. Gil came recommended highly… and I’m happy to say he over-delivered! Although our products are technical, they’re also very cool and easy to use. We needed someone who could provide the power user with every technical detail of our products, while also explaining their functionality and benefits in real-world terms. Gil communicated this information superbly and exceeded my expectations for freelance copywriting.” – John Clinton, Former Web Site Manager, Visioneer

“Gil was quick to pick up on the direction of our advertising campaign. His Ad Banners copy is not only timely, but it also offers a touch of personality to the ONSALE Brand. It’s not every day that you find a copywriter that can catch the wave as quickly as Gil did.” – Mary Hornady, Former Marketing Specialist, ONSALE — the Web’s #1 live auction site

“Our core planning team decided that we needed to make more of an advertising impact for our upcoming Cisco Satellite Training Broadcast. We wanted to get the word out in a hurry, so we decided direct mail and the Web was the way to go. In order to make this incredible turnaround so that it still made sense to do a mailing, I needed a quick, intuitive, and responsive copywriter. Not having the luxury to sit down and explain in detail exactly what I wanted, I decided that Gil Zeimer would be my choice, since he has proven in the past to be able to go off with minimal direction and get it done fast. The final results confirmed my choice; the mailing went out on time and got a 13% response rate!” – Tina Dupart, Senior Project Manager, Worldwide Training, Cisco Systems

“As a former Creative Director with Foote, Cone & Belding, Hill/Holiday and Cohn & Wells, Euro/RSCG, I’ve hired lots of freelance copywriting candidates, for lots of freelance projects. But Gil was the first one I called when I started my own agency. Need I say more? Gil consistently delivers crisp work that’s on strategy, on target, on time, and on budget. In spite of that, he’s actually a nice guy. Zeimer can be described in two words … zero defects.” – Alan Randolph, Creative Director, Randolph Pacific & Partners

“Gil thoroughly understands how to convey the most technical features of our products as clear, concise benefits to our users and potential customers. Taking techno-speak and putting it in laymen’s terms is one of the many aspects of technical freelance copywriting that Gil has mastered.

“Visioneer’s response rates to our direct mail efforts have been outstanding. In fact, one postcard got a 53% response! This can be partially attributed to Gil’s ability to clearly communicate the messages and offers to our customers. He’s very easy to work with and never fails to meet a deadline.”
– Barry Peters, Former Product Marketing Manager, Visioneer Scanners

“Working with Gil has allowed us to create high-impact market communications tools with very fast turnaround. In fact, the first direct mail/promotional project he created for us received a 55% response rate. Gil offers the unusual combination of exceptionally creative ideas as well as meticulous attention to detail and prompt follow-up. I personally enjoy working with Gil. He always shows responsiveness to time schedules, budgets, and reaching the creative level. I can truly recommend Gil for any project.” – Hannah Kain, Former Chief Operating Officer, Grimes Company, The Total Turnkey Solution

“As Marketing Director for Macworld, PCWorld and Publish Magazines, I was able to tap into the most creative forces in the West Coast advertising world to create ads and direct mail. At the top of my creative freelancer copywriters list was Gil Zeimer. Not only was he a quick study in learning the technical orientation of our highly sophisticated high tech audience, he could develop and execute winning creative themes in spite of our usual unreasonable deadlines. Depending on the scope of our campaign, Gil would successfully fulfill the role as my Creative Director, in developing trade show and advertising campaigns, or simply act as Senior Copywriter. I say simply because Gil always made it seem simple, despite the ever-changing direction of demanding publishers.” – Sandi Vargas, Former Director of IDG Publishers; Macworld, PCWorld and Publish.

“Gil produces results. He gets it right the first time and executes with style.” – Martin Cohn, Co-Founder, Cohn & Wells Direct Marketing

“Gil’s writing is impactful, smart and sharp. He created a series of pro bono ads for Fire Prevention that were so good, our national organization picked them up and produced them for distribution to every Red Cross chapter around the country and to every appropriate print media. We won an award for those ads, and Gil deserves all the credit.” – Beverly Butler, Former Communications Director, American Red Cross Bay Area

“Gil Zeimer is a dedicated professional who always delivers solid and executable concepts. You can rely on his quality of thinking to achieve terrific results. Gil has been instrumental in helping us acquire our second biggest account in a new business pitch. You’ll find in Gil a true creative and a great person to work with… a rare combination you don’t see everyday in a copywriting resource.” – Andre Cohen, Former Creative Director, Frankel & Co., SF

“I was totally impressed with Gil’s first stab at ideas for our project — a 15-minute training video for selling Levi’s Jeans for Women apparel to Dillard’s Department Store employees. He was able to provide us with several creative treatments that kept the audience, as well as the message in mind.” – Daisy Miller, Freelance Producer, Levi Strauss & Co.