Freelance CPG Copywriter

I became a freelance CPG copywriter in 1995 after cutting my teeth on Consumer Packaged Goods in San Francisco and Dallas ad agencies. These clients have included dozens of global and national brands such as:
  • Del Monte Foods                                • Libby’s Pumpkin
  • Levi’s and Dockers                             • Lindsay Olives
  • Bank of America                                 • The National Potato Board
  • Porsche automobiles                           • FedEx Freight
  • Nestlé Foods                                        • Westin Hotels
  • The Discovery Channel                     • And many more

Here are over 30 of my favorite print ads, sales brochures, radio spots, and free standing inserts as a freelance CPG copywriter.DelMonteFSI.jpg



Bank of America :60 “Fast” Home Loans Radio Commercial featuring the world’s fastest talker.

Presenting Mona Lindsay’s Olive Meatloaf

Lindsay Olives :60 Radio Spots: “Yoo Hoo” (CLIO award finalist — above) and “Born Homely” (below)




Barclays Global Investors DMP


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