Did You Know?

o4Xwsz12rzFdr7yo3xawLTO7oAfmCq1cWsrzTyEsgGk-300x300 I’m Gil Zeimer, a freelance copywriter in San Francisco. Did you know:

  • That I’ve been an advertising copywriter for 17 years at some of the largest agencies in San Francisco and in Dallas, then another 25 years as a freelance copywriter?
  • That I have been nominated for over 20 major industry copywriting awards?
  • That I introduced the Visa Debit Card Program to member banks while freelancing for Visa?
  • That I introduced Wrinkle-Free Dockers and Loose-Fit Dockers to the retail trade via a sales video while freelancing for FCB San Francisco?


  • That as a San Francisco freelance copywriter, I wrote the first successful direct response package for QuickBooks while freelancing for Intuit?
  • That I wrote the package copy for Granny Goose’s Flavor Destinations chips, including Sweet Maui Onion and Laredo Mesquite BBQ,?
  • That I helped ad agencies win over $15 million in new business? These include:
    – Safeway Stores while at Ketchum San Francisco
    – Yamaha Snowmobiles while at Ketchum San Francisco
    – Valley National Bank while at Bozell & Jabobs in Dallas for their Phoenix office
    – Frontier Airlines while at The Bloom Agency in Dallas

The-Benchmark-Grill_Ad– $6 million in additional Bank of America billings while at Grey SF
– The Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel while at Grey San Francisco
– Avery Products while freelancing at Frankel & Company in San Francisco
– DHL while freelancing at Pickett Advertising in San Francisco
– The Discovery Channel School Catalog for Beacon & Fey in Baltimore
– Seven divisions of PricewaterhouseCoopers for Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe

– That as an ad agency writer and a freelance San Francisco copywriter, I have written, directed and produced more than 1,000 radio commercials over my 35-year career for clients like KRON-TV NewsCenter 4, Lindsay Olives, Greyhound, Libby’s Pumpkin, Bank of America, Caesars Tahoe Resort & Casino, Sonus Hearing Centers, Farmers Direct, Hooked on Phonics, Foremost Foods, BART and Ring Central?

– That I have written scripts for over 300 TV commercials as both a freelance copywriter in San Francisco and as a staff copywriter?

– Or that I have been certified Bay Area Green Business for a decade?