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True story. My name is Gilbert Alan Zeimer and I’m a senior living copywriter.

I was named after my paternal grandfather’s two brothers who lived in Napa: Gilbert and Albert Zeimer.

But I didn’t become a prolific and well-respected healthcare copywriter and senior living copywriter because of my connection to someone who was named “Al” Zeimer and that dreaded disease that affects millions of Americans.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-3-20-29-pmIn fact, one of my nieces even asked my sister “Will all Zeimers will get this disease?” We certainly hope we won’t!

20+ Years of Healthcare & Senior Living Copywriting Experience
I started writing for the healthcare industry about 20 years ago when an East Coast agency asked me to create several :60 radio scripts for a LASIK surgeon – one of the first in the U.S. to promote that breakthrough procedure.

ssf_spring2011newsltr_300wThat project was followed by years of collaboration with that Maryland agency and others on a wide variety of clients, including hospitals, urgent care clinics, pharmacies, and a great many physicians’ practices.

Next, I started writing websites, print ads, brochures and newsletters for well-established CCRC senior living communities throughout several states.

More recently, as a co-founder of SGD Advertising, I’ve been focused on launching a few start-up senior living communities within the state of California and Kentucky with websites, event landing pages, radio and video scripts, print ads, sales brochures, and newsletters. I’ve even worked with a San Francisco Bay Area company that disrupted the hearing industry by offering high quality, 100% digital hearing aids for only $499 each. These websites include:
The Forum at Rancho San Antonio
Paintbrush Assisted Living
GranVida Senior Living
Bluegrass Assisted Living
Ecumen Centennial House in Minnesota
Adams Heritage Rehabilitation Center
iHEAR Medical
Neighborly Senior Placement

I’ve also created senior living copywriting projects for these San Francisco Bay Area communities and resources:
The Heritage of The Marina
The Sequoias San Francisco
The Sequoias Portola Valley
The Tamalpais
Neighborly Senior Placement

Plus, I’ve written dozens of senior living and healthcare blogs:

A Very Forgettable Name!
So whether you call me Gilbert Alan Zeimer, Gil Zeimer or even “Al” Zeimer, if you need a senior living copywriter or a hearing aid copywriter, now you know who to call.