Senior Living Copywriter

slide14-granvida True story. My name is Gilbert Alan Zeimer and I’m a senior living copywriter.

I was named after my paternal grandfather’s two brothers who lived in Napa: Gilbert and Albert Zeimer.

But I didn’t become a prolific and well-respected healthcare copywriter and senior living copywriter because of my connection to “Al” Zeimer and that dreaded disease that affects millions of aging Americans.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-3-20-29-pmIn fact, when she was very young, one of my nieces even asked my sister if “All Zeimers will get this disease.”

20 Years of Healthcare & Senior Living Copywriting Experience
I started writing for the healthcare industry about 20 years ago when an East Coast agency asked me to create several :60 radio scripts for a LASIK surgeon – one of the first in the U.S. to promote that breakthrough procedure.

ssf_spring2011newsltr_300wThat project was followed by years of collaboration with that Maryland agency and others on a wide variety of clients, including hospitals, urgent care clinics, pharmacies, and a great many physicians’ practices.

Next, I started writing websites, print ads, brochures and newsletters for well-established CCRC senior living communities throughout several states.

More recently, I’ve been focused on launching a few start-up senior living communities within the state of California and Kentucky with websites, event landing pages, radio and video scripts, print ads, sales brochures, and newsletters. I’ve even been working with a San Francisco Bay Area company that is disrupting the hearing industry by offering high quality, 100% digital hearing aids for only $499 each. These websites include:
Paintbrush Assisted Living
GranVida Senior Living
Bluegrass Assisted Living
• Hamptom of Shelby Senior Living
Ecumen Centennial House in Minnesota
iHEAR Medical

A Very Forgettable Name!
So whether you call me Gilbert Alan Zeimer, Gil Zeimer or even “Al” Zeimer, if you need a senior living copywriter or a hearing aid copywriter, now you know who to call.