Scuba Articles Copywriting

I’ve been a travel writer, scuba copywriter, and scuba storyteller for about 30 years now.

My experience as a PADI-certified Open Water diver includes more than 225 scuba articles published in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and websites with links to most of them shown below.

I’ve also been the Editor-in-Chief of the upscale travel, food, wine and shopping blog at, creating about 1,500 articles.

I’ve been the monthly newsletter editor (with over 81 posted) and webmaster since 2017 for Marin Scuba Club.

And I was one of the featured speakers at ScubaShow2023 in Long Beach on the topic “Blogging About Bubbles”, where I hosted a 13-step workshop that showcased my “greatest hits” and shared my insights into getting published or memorializing your underwater exploits to share with friends, family, and dive buddies. I also helped promote the convention with articles about two vendors.

Dive Pacific Magazine

I’m proud to be a regular contributor to Dive Pacific in New Zealand and Australia dating all the way back to 2008, but with many more stories recently.
How to Dive From Cruise Ships: A Primer, 3/12/24: If you dive and your partner doesn’t, it’s not always easy to find a vacation destination that satisfies both of you. Adhering to the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” philosophy, I discovered that it’s quite easy for cruise ship passengers to arrange two-tank dives while visiting various ports of call, and still share quality time on the ship and on shore.