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Equipment Upgrade 2.0

Your gear may be years old. It still works.  But is it safe? By Gil Zeimer Alert Diver Magazine, May, 2002 Most of us don’t even think twice about upgrading our computers, our software, our cell phones, our wardrobe, our cars, or perhaps even our homes every two to 10 years. But when did you […]

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Scuba Diving With The Oldies

Ten senior members of the Marin Dive Club just completed 170 dives at Little Cayman Beach Resort. Despite prescription masks, a few equipment problems, and other Senior Underwater Moments, our average age was 70 and the median number of dives was 400. Our advanced ages don’t stop us from diving all around the world.

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Scuba Diving: West Side Story on Oahu

Two weeks ago (right after the 2016 Elections), I did something exceedingly selfish. For about two hours, I was weightless beneath the warm Pacific seas off the quiet west coast of Oahu vs. the hectic, traffic-clogged southeast coast of Waikiki Beach. I didn’t think about Presidential politics, my 99-year-old mother’s memory issues, my 22-year-old daughter […]

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Terra Linda Wind Article

My daughter has been a member of the Terra Linda Orca Swim Team for seven years now. Here’s an article that Gil Zeimer and  Norm Levin of Prime Road Marketing and Communications co-wrote about this great community swim team for ages 4 – 18. The photo caption is on page 7 with the article on […]

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39 Ways To Increase Your Referrals

As an ambassador through BNI Embarcadero, my weekly referral group, I often address chapters on the best ways to network through word-of-mouth networking. I’ve summed up my thoughts in an article in the August 2009 issue of Referral Success Magazine entitled “39 Ways To Increase Your Referrals and Grow Your Chapter.” Overall, these are the […]

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Shameless Self-Promotion

As a freelance copywriter, I love writing about scuba diving almost as much as I enjoy the escape, the ethereal quietness, and the weightlessness of being underwater. On November 2, 2008, the Marin Independent Journal featured a dozen “travel nightmare stories filled with cockroaches, sinking ships and the unexpected” by Ann Tatko-Peterson. My freelance copywriter story […]

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Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts With Power Teams

(This article by Gil Zeimer is reprinted from Sparksâ„¢ Newsletter, April, 2008) Strategic Alliances. Virtual Partnerships. Power Teams. Whatever you call them, having a network of trusted allies is a critical component for any company’s long-term marketing success. And if you’re a small company, networking is absolutely essential for survival in troubled times like these. […]

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The Green House Effect

How To Green Your Home By Gil Zeimer & Michael Tauber You may have switched from incandescent bulbs to CFLs. You may want to “get off the grid” by installing super-efficient BIPV solar roof panels. You may even have purchased a tankless water heater. But if you really want to know the best way to […]

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Fair Isaac Newsletter Article

Fair Isaac, the FICO score company, publishes a bi-monthly online newsletter called ViewPoints. As a freelance San Francisco copywriter, I recently wrote this article about a complex new strategy visualization tool —- Strategy Designer — that can reduce strategy size and complexity by 25% or more, allowing risk managers to make more informed and ultimately […]

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Kosrae photo in SF Chronicle

Travel Magazine Articles

I love writing about travel. It started and continues with the 25+ published articles in newspapers, dive magazines and online media shown below. I’ve also been the Editor-in-Chief of the upscale travel, food, wine and shopping blog at, where I published nearly 1,500 articles… SF Chronicle Sunday Travel Section, September 13, 2009, Just Back […]

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Advertising Magazine Articles

The Diary Of An Unemployed Ad Man September 25 & October 2, 1989 by Gil Zeimer I was suddenly laid off from my staff job as a Vice President / Associate Creative Director at a San Francisco advertising agency after working in the business for 17 years. I then started keeping a diary of my […]

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The Outdoor Enthusiast Next Door: Outdoor Weblog

My friend and travel-writing colleague, Terah Shelton, just interviewed me for The Outdoor Weblog, an online blog about adventure travel. Below are excerpts from the two articles… Part One… Don’t let this week’s Outdoor Enthusiast Next Door, Gil Zeimer’s job as editor of Vagablond, an stylish blog dedicated to luxury travel, fool you. He can […]

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My Dive Buddy Wears Diapers

– By Gil Zeimer (This article first appeared in Dive Travel Magazine, Winter 1996) My dive buddy prefers warm water. So do I. Every evening around 8 p.m., we gather our gear, approach the dive site and take the plunge. Her dive conditions: Water temperature, 90 degrees; Depth, 6 inches; Bottom time, 30 minutes; Swells, […]

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