Radiology Copywriter

TollgateRadiology.comSeveral months ago, a friend of mine in San Rafael called to ask if I was a “radiology copywriter”. A friend of hers who is a graphic designer in Rhode Island was searching for this extremely narrow ask for her client, a physician and part-owner of a radiology lab.

Fortunately, I have deep experience as a “radiology copywriter” because I’ve been working with a variety of vascular surgeons and orthopedic surgeons over the years who use vascular ultrasound to diagnose their patients’ problems.

Here’s what the doctor said about my services:
“I am very happy with the copywriting of my revised website. The content that you wrote was more intuitive of what the website audience wanted and of what I wanted to convey. It’s very precise, coherent and approachable at the same time. Thank you again for being my ‘radiology copywriter’.”
– Dr. Vincent Frazzini, co-founder, Tollgate Radiology, Warwick, RI


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