Video #1: “The Scourge of Smart Meters” – Confronting the Technical, Medical, Legal and Policy Challenges of Smart Meters

Smart utility meters emit powerful bursts of pulsed, radiofrequency radiation as they transmit information about your usage to the utility.

The impact of exposure to the radiation from these devices can be severe –– in some cases completely debilitating. Many people have reported that their sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation began with the installation of a smart meter.

The ubiquitous installation of smart meters raises serious legal and policy concerns over false claims, RFR/EMF exposure, privacy, surveillance, hacking, national security, disability, consumer choice, energy inefficiency, and fire. This webinar will assess the public’s legal rights and remedies and offer a balanced path forward for policy makers.

Please join us on Wednesday, November 17th as we take an in-depth look at the issue of smart meters, including what you can do in your community to push back against their deployment.

This Wednesday, November 17th, 2021: 1:00 pm Eastern, 10:00 am Pacific

This webinar is free and open to lawyers, medical and public health professionals and the general public.

Video #2: “Take Back Your Power – Uncovering a Trillion-Dollar Crime”: A Smart Meter Documentary

(40:00) Non-Efficient Energy Use

In 2011, WHO classified radiofrequency radiation as a Class 2B potential cancer-causing carcinogen. The utility companies will tell us that the meters are only on for 45 to 60 seconds a day and that they’re safe.

  • “Under court order, PG&E admitted that their Smart Meters generated over 14,000 spikes of communication (of radiofrequency radiation) per day.” – David O. Carpenter, PhD, University at Albany and Harvard Medical School, author of 220 publications
  • Some meters are up to 190,000 pulses per day.

(41:42) A bank of 42 Smart Meters in a BC condo building – WUSA Reporter; these are emitting radiation every few seconds.

(44:50) Microwave Power Density: Health effects vs. safety standards

Single Smart Meter: 7.93; A room of 12 Smart Meters: 19.8; Canada & USA set the limits at 600 – 1,000
– Source: Electrical Power Research Institute, USA, December 2010

(48:30) Smart Health Damage – “There have now been over 6,000 published scientific studies about the health effects of microwave radiation since the 1930s.”

Video #3: Pulsed, Data-Modulated, Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) Exposures from Smart Meters at 28 Marinero Circle & 99 Lyford Drive, Tiburon, as measured by Paul McGavin on Nov. 17, 2019:

We have an extremely high health AND safety risk within this condominium complex because of RF-EMR readings are much higher than recommended safe RF dosage, which is 1-0 microWatts/square meter.

This video recorded the amounts of radiation in each Smart Meter cluster — also shown in images below.

PG&E testimony states there are 14K–190K transmissions per day from each of their Smart Meters.

Judging from appearances, PG&E may not have followed the National Electric Code in the installation process.  If that happened, then they did  not always cut the power when installing gas or electric Smart Meters, causing potential wiring problems, and failing to protect the base by grounding.. This is also a possible fire hazard. If  traditional electric meters with dials and glass got an electric pulse, they were grounded.  These Smart Meters may not be grounded, and because they are made of flammable plastic, may well cause a major fire.

FCC maximum permissible exposure guideline (for frequency of more than 1,500 MHz): 10 watts per square meter = 10,000 W/m2

Storage Room A: 19 Electric Smart Meters, 28 Marinero Circle

Radiation is higher than meter can measure.

The highest meter reading is 41,600 micro-watts/square meter


Storage Room A: 18 Gas Smart Meters, 28 Marinero Circle

Peak RF-EMR = 11,825 W/m2

Inside unit #30, 28 Marinero Circle, opposite the panel of of 17 Gas Smart Meters

Peak RF-EMR = 1,260 W/m2

Outside deck, unit #30,  28 Marinero Circle, opposite the wall panel of 19 Electric Smart Meters

Peak RF-EMR = 1,350 W/m2

Storage Room B: Panel of 19 Electric Smart Meters, 28 Marinero Circle

Peak RF-EMR = 18,100 W/m2

Storage Area for Units 1-4 Gas Smart Meters, 28 Marinero Circle

Peak RF-EMR = 7,160 W/m2

Area in front of Unit #2, 6 Gas Smart Meters, 28 Marinero Circle

(Shielded by plants) –– Peak RF-EMR = 2,750 W/m2

Storage Area for Units 11-44 Gas Smart Meters, 28 Marinero Circle at the end of 4 bays of garage spaces

Peak RF-EMR = 1,225 W/m2

99 Lyford Drive, panel with 13 Electric Smart Meters

Peak RF-EMR = 16,200 W/m2


Video #4: The Truth About Mobile Phone and Wireless Radiation 

For further background information on the effects of radiation, we recommend that you see this video by Dr. Devra Davis, an epidemiologist and electromagnetic radiation expert, speaking on the subject of cell phone radiation. Dr. Davis has shared a Nobel prize on another subject. She has written more than 200 technical publications, 11 edited monographs and 3 popular books: 

  • (5:00) As a young scientist, she served on a committee that reviewed data and recommended there be no smoking on airplanes. She says that when we look now at mobile phone radiation, there are many similar questions to be asked.
  • (11:35) The microwave oven, cell phone and cordless phones all use microwave radiation; the pulse that is erratic and irregular from cell phones for thousands of minutes a month over a lifetime is much more biologically important.
  • (13:30) 900 times/minute, a cell phone is in contact with a cell tower with irregular microwave radiation. PG&E testimony states there are 14K–190K transmissions (pulses) per day from each of their Smart Meters.

Video #5: The Case for More Regulation / Cell Phones, Health and Wireless Radiation:

Video #6: 5G Forum Reveals Risks, Concerns Regarding Widespread 4-5G Towers: