BNI Presentation: Copywriting Radio & TV

Today, I featured this particular :60 video as the start of my BNI Presentation to promote the services of Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe. Have a look.

It was produced by using a video template they created.

By the way, I also write a wide variety of projects, from brochures to newsletters to websites.

About The 3 Radio Spots
1) The first radio commercial I ever wrote was for Lindsay Olives, a client of Ketchum San Francisco, one of the largest ad agencies at that time. They liked humor and another writer (Jon Crawford) had created a campaign using “Talking Olives” personalities to bring this tree fruit to life. My script was originally an ode to my Jewish mother, but my Creative Director chose a male character actor when he produced it. Listen to “Yoo Hoo”.

2) The second radio commercial I ever wrote was to promote a KRON-TV NewsCenter 4 investigative report on a series of accidental deaths at Oak Knoll Hospital in Oakland. This was another client at Ketchum. I chose to re-enact one of the operations using the type of banter seen on the “MASH” TV series. Listen to “Oak Knoll Hospital”.

3) Finally, the third radio spot I played was created when I was an Associate Creative Director at Grey San Francisco. At that time, it was a breakthrough to use a humorous approach for Bank of America. I was toying with the idea of using a mnemonic device to personalize fast home loan approvals when I saw an article in “People” Magazine about the world’s fastest talker. I wrote the script, sold it to the client, then contacted the woman in New York and got her to fly to Los Angeles to voice part of the commercial. Listen to “Fast Home Loans”.

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