Travel Writing Discussion for Marin Scuba Club

I was the featured speaker last night at Saylor’s Restaurant in Sausalito for a Marin Scuba Club presentation on travel writing. I discussed some of the hundreds of articles I’ve written for dive magazines and travel blogs — and told the stories of my inspiration for each article.

I discussed how 4 cancelled dive days of 5 planned in Australia led to my first travel article, how I planned to propose to my wife underwater — and that she nearly drowned, how bathing my infant daughter was the catalyst for a story about diving, how getting narked and running out of air in Belize’s Great Blue Hole became another story, and how I got an article about hiking Half Dome in Yosemite published in a dive magazine in New Zealand.

Thanks again to Fritz Wall of FritzCartoons for creating a special logo for my travel writing exploits.

Read some of my travel articles here.


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