Dental Site Cosmetic Makeover

I’ve been working with Dr. Michael Hack and Financial District Dental in downtown San Francisco for several years now, writing his Mental Floss Newsletter and some newspaper ads.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just completed revising the copy for this 30+ page website as part of my BNI Embarcadero Marketing Makeover Team.

This was a group effort by a number of talented Power Team members, including:

A testimonial:
“Gil Zeimer has done several projects for me over the past six years. He always original and constantly creative in his ideas and writing. He is also an expert in the technology involved and keeps abreast of ever-changing advancements in that area. He’s not just a clever and thoughtful writer, he advises and consults as well and becomes a partner in the project. That’s because he’s dedicated and genuinely concerned about his clients’ success. He has a wonderful, spontaneous sense of humor as well as a generous heart and his calm patience allows for the client to be creative as well. He always respects feedback and is flexible in his working relationship. He is a consummate professional–responsible and experienced. Of all of the people I’ve worked with in over forty years in my profession, Gil is one of the most pleasurable I’ve ever had the good fortune to deal with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”
– Dr. Michael Hack, Financial District Dental

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