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I have a vast portfolio of B2B and B2C financial copywriting expertise. Over the past 25 years, I’ve produced  a wide variety of financial copywriting projects, including memorable print and broadcast work, attention-getting promotions, high-level Web site content, plus high-response print and email direct marketing campaigns for many financial institutions. Scroll down to read more and link to some of my success stories.

I’m versatile and prolific. As a financial copywriter, I write dozens of projects a year, so I can handle a large volume of work —- from video-based banners, emails, print ads and radio to direct response letters, mini-sites, Website and even your annual report.

I’m a Direct Marketing expert. For most of writing career, I’ve focused on direct response financial copywriting. My highest response rates are 57% for a direct marketing package and an open rate of 80% for an email with a 97% click-through.

I turn MarCom into English.
The body of work I’ve crafted enables me to be well-versed in financial copywriter terminology. This has always let me turn technical copy into layman’s copy to appeal to a broad audience of consumers and bankers.

My specific B2B and B2C financial copywriting experience includes:
Direct Mail ProjectWells Fargo
– For 360 Group, San Rafael, I wrote a project that launched an in-branch promotion for the Business Gateway. It included easel-backed counter cards, take-one brochures, in-branch posters and follow-up direct response letters for a referral program for its “Refer a Colleague” on-line checking services.

— I wrote a series of direct response letters to Equity Line Platinum Card owners with a promotional overlay from Home Depot with another agency, Damore Johan.
— As a freelance financial copywriter, I’ve written multiple direct mail projects for one of Wells Fargo’s contracted ad agencies in San Francisco for Home Equity Lines of Credit.

Download WF Seasonal Check Letter.pdf

Download-WF Tax Letter_p1.pdf
— I also worked for Wells Fargo during my college years at S.F.State University.

Bank of America
— As Associate Creative Director at Grey Advertising, SF, I was the financial copywriter for :60 and :30 TV scripts that won the $6 million corporate banking division for the agency.
— I wrote an extremely successful B2B financial copywriting newspaper ad campaign for BofA’s Home Loan Center’s division. It was so successful making the phones ring for ARMs, it had to be pulled after two weeks instead the proposed six.
Download Ad #1 PDF
– Download Ad #2 PDF
– Download Ad #3 PDF

— I wrote, directed and produced a very funny :60 radio commercial that showcased how fast the BofA Home Loan process had become. Hear “Fast Home Loans” Radio MP3.

— Through Carat Interactive, I composed NationsBank online banners for their Platinum Card. View the banners — scroll down to bottom of the linked page.
— Through Cohn & Wells Direct Marketing, I drafted a DMP with 17 cells and six million pieces of mail to introduce the Sunoco MasterCard to current and future BankAmericard customers (budget was approximately $1 million).

— As a freelance B2B financial copywriter, I wrote the QuickBooks introductory Direct Marketing Package aimed at upgrading Quicken customers. Rather than cannibalizing the Quicken brand, this package showed potential users when they should use QuickBooks, and when they shouldn’t.

— Created the 32-page QuickBooks 32-page Catalog for Checks, Envelopes, Supplies and More with Landis Designs. Download Pages 1, 2-15 and 32 of the Catalog (.PDF). Download Pages 16-31 of the Catalog (.PDF).
— Edited a 77-page Web site to buy Intuit products at This site has been upgraded since.

— Wrote the QuickBooks New User Kit and six other projects during 2006, including a 32-page QuickBooks Catalog for Checks, Envelopes, Supplies and More. If you want to see these examples of freelance financial copywriting, I have hard copies or PDFs.

— Am a contributing writer with over 125 articles combined for the Intuit Small Business Blog and the Intuit GoPayment Blog.

— Wrote the definitions for over 250 words, terms and phrases for the Intuit Small Business Dictionary.

Charles Schwab
— As a freelance B2C financial copywriter, I created six versions of letter and two versions of brochure for Schwab Stock Screener DMP through Landis Designs, San Francisco.
— Created a solicitation direct mail and all supporting materials (brochures, sign-up forms, letters) for Schwab’s OneSource International Portfolio — a fund of mutual funds.
— Wrote consumer materials to introduce Schwab’s program of Variable Annuities.
— Scripted a financial copywriter email and Web landing page for the Schwab Mortgage Center through E-Loan. Financial Services
— Was hired by to create content for each of the four key sections’ home pages (Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance and Health Services), plus articles for each section’s seven vertical industries. A colleague did the rest —- animation, graphics, and XML.

PwC Tech Spotlight Newsletter PricewaterhouseCoopers Security & Privacy Solutions
— For five years, I did freelance financial copywriting, editing, Webmaster work and project management for PwC’s Security & Privacy site. I wrote hundreds of pages of site content, White Paper overviews, dozens of case studies, and delivered 32 issues of a monthly online newsletter (“The Tech Spotlight”) from 2002 through 2004. (Contact me to see these newsletters.)

— I also was the webmaster, copywriter, and project manager for PwC’s Internal Audit, Data Management, IT Business Risk Management, Sustainability Solutions, Project Advisory Services, and Governance Risk & Compliance practices with quarterly newsletters for three of them.

As a B2B Financial Copywriter, I wrote the Turnkey Marketing Program Kit introducing Debit Cards to member banks for their customers. This Promotional/Direct Mail program included solicitation and activation materials: in-branch posters, counter cards, multi-purpose brochures, statement inserts, employee information sheets, prospect and customer letters to customers, overview letter from Visa to banks and the promotion kit.
— Created Blockbuster/Visa tie-in DMP with tiered consumer Gift Card program for using Visa Debit Cards.

Direct Mail Project
Barclays Global Investors
— Through the 360 Group in San Rafael, I created a three-dimensional direct response lead generation piece aimed at HR Directors and in-house money managers. Using the headline “401(k) spoken here” and offering a two-way radio, this piece gained BGI millions of dollars in deposits and a 20% response rate.

Irwin Financial Corporation/Premier Equity — For this major East Bay-based company, I was hired for freelance financial copywriting to create a series of four Home Equity Loan direct mail packages. They included a “Credit Card Challenge”.

San Francisco Federal Credit Union — For an SF ad agency, I wrote an 8-page in-branch brochure, a new customer rack brochure, and multi-piece welcome kit for this large credit union.

Household Credit Services — Created direct mail packages for MasterCard credit card offerings, credit line increases, Balance Transfer offerings, Convenience Check offerings.

Sanwa Bank CaliforniaI wrote in-branch counter cards, take-one brochures, teller buttons, Duratrans posters, newspaper ads and direct mail targeted to Sanwa savings customers to promote the purchase of IRAs and CDs.

First Hawaiian Bank – Was a freelance copywriter for Miller-Kadanoff SF for one DMP for home equity loans and another for personal equity loans for this Honolulu-based bank.

FICO/Fair Isaac — Wrote a White Paper entitled “A Five-Step Approach To Stress Testing Your Portfolio —- How to Prepare Your Portfolio For Dynamic Times”

— Wrote an August 2008 Viewpoints Newsletter article called “New TRIAD tool reduces strategy size, complexity by 25% or more.”

– Was contracted to write Website copy, brochure copy and video copy for a number of FICO industry retail and auto finance solutions.  Read more

Other financial clients with whom I’ve completed financial copywriting projects include: — American Savings (in-branch promotions); — Bayview Bank (radio commercials); — Barbary Coast National Bank (ads, newsletters, DMP, outdoor); — Barron Mortgage Company (radio spots and newspaper ads) — download the radio commercial; — Farm Credit Bank Association (B2C magazine ad campaign, sales video); — First Texas Savings ( TV, radio, newspaper ads); — Freedom Debt Relief (View .mov TV commercial);

Summit Financial GrouSummit-Financial-Group-1p –– Revised this website for a prominent San Francisco East Bay firm that specializes in comprehensive planning and wealth management. They assist clients with building their financial dreams.

Yodlee (edited various Data Sheets and a White Paper) Download Yodlee Advisor Data Sheet. Download Yodlee BillPay Data Sheet. Download Yodlee Account Opening Data Sheet. Download Yodlee Funds Transfer Data Sheet.

To see other examples of freelance copywriting, or to receive an estimate for your financial copywriter project, please contact me today.


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