Promotional Phone Card Postcards

Here are the fronts of the three postcards. (Click on any image to enlarge it.)

Download a PDF of this postcard campaign.

The Company: is a full-service provider of promotional phone cards. Its goal is to help clients achieve recognition and create consumer response by offering attractive, professional, and cost-effective advertisements in a space no larger than a business card.

The Challenge: The client wanted to reach executives in ad agencies across the U.S. to recommend that their clients give away promotional phone cards to advertise their services.

The Solution: As a freelance copywriter, I wrote and managed this project between a San Francisco Bay Area researcher with target market accuracy (Frank Jamieson of, a very high-end direct marketing art director (Paschal Sabatella of, and the client in New York State.

Together, we created three postcards that were mailed to the top 1,600 ad agencies across the US. A follow-up effort by a top notch telemarketer (Linda Fadden of was made by calling each recipient to ask if they’d received the mailings, what they remembered, and if they wanted to set an appointment to speak to someone about purchasing the best corporate promotional phone cards on the market for their advertising clients.

Freelance copywriters know the call to action on the back of each postcard is all-important. So I wrote: Get ROI, ASAP with an exclusive long-distance phone card program designed to help agencies obtain higher response rates for their clients’ incentive programs. The best part of this program? You only pay for the phone cards that are activated — not every single one of them.

The Results: The postcards received a 1% response rate in the spring of 2009 in the midst of one of the worse recessions for advertisers in recent history. But the follow-up telemarketing calls received results beyond everyone’s expectations. Though she had targeted reaching 13.3% of executives to prospects, Ms. Fadden actually reached 25.1% of them. This resulted in 5.7% of them setting phone appointments with our client and an additional 43.7% of them requesting more information from Corporate Phone Cards.

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