B2B Postcard Copywriting

Picture 2 One of my best friends is Bart Saling, owner of Bridge to Bridge Technologies in San Rafael, CA. He promotes his business with promotional postcards like the two shown here and hired me to do the B2B postcard copywriting. Lauren Deane Evans of Good Looking Ideas was the art director and Marty Wall of Fritz Cartoons did the illustrations.

As a savvy Cisco certified communications specialist, Bart’s slogan is: “Cost Conscious Communication Technology for the Small- to Medium-Sized Organization.”

Picture 1 Bridge to Bridge Technologies provides a comprehensive range of communication solutions to enhance any business located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first postcard (above left) is for wireless communications. The headline is: “If people are having trouble connecting, are you getting the most out of your organization’s assets?” The other side offers a free wireless technology consultation.

The second postcard (on the right) is focused on secure networks with the headline, “What if your existing network isn’t secure enough?” The reverse side of this B2B postcard copywriting piece offers a free security technology consultation.

So if you or someone you know needs a telecom system with wireless or secure technology, give my buddy Bart a ring at 415-479-5765.


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