More Healthcare Copywriting

Healthcare Copywriting is an exciting field and I’ve written for a myriad of healthcare products and services. Below are more examples of my healthcare copywriting expertise:

Portola Valley Health Center Brochure Copywriting

As a freelance healthcare copywriter, I was asked to create a new brochure for The Sequoias — Portola Valley Health Center. People who use this Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Center are usually recovering from a heart attack, strokes, broken hip, reconstructive knee surgery, or other injuries. Download Portola Valley Health Center Brochure PDF. Healthcare copywriting by Gil Zeimer, art direction/design by Andre Cohen.

Newsletter Copywriting for NCPHS

NCPHS_Spring2009Cover_300wSequoia Living Newsletters, San Francisco Bay Area: I wrote these bi-annual newsletters for three upscale Life Care communities through this non-profit that serves older adults: The Sequoias – San Francisco, The Sequoias – Portola Valley, and The Tamalpais – Marin County.

Download Spring/Summer 2011 Sequoias – San Francisco Newsletter;

Download Spring/Summer 2011 Sequoias – Portola Valley Newsletter;

Download Spring/Summer 2011 Tamalpais – Marin County Newsletter;

Download Fall/Winter 2010 Sequoias – Portola Valley Newsletter;

Download Spring/Summer 2010 Sequoias – San Francisco Newsletter;

Download Fall/Winter 2009 Sequoias – Portola Valley Newsletter;

Download Spring/Summer 2009 Tamalpais – Marin County Newsletter.

Newsletter Copywriting for Maxim Healthcare Services

MAXIM HEALTHCARE SERVICES — This national healthcare, home care and nurse recruitment company based in Maryland contracted with me as a freelance healthcare copywriter. Here are some recent monthly articles I wrote for their two newsletters.

CaregivingNow-Nov_300wCaregiving Now — Offers advice on professional homecare, health and lifestyle tips, plus frequently asked questions.

— The Importance of Getting A Flu Shot, November 2009

— November is Home Care & Hospice Month, November 2009

— Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2009

— Travel Tips for Seniors, August 2009

— Utilizing Long Distance Homecare for a Family Member, August 2009

NursingNow_H1N1_300wNursing Now – Provides industry news, job search tips and lifestyle tips:

— Lifestyle Tips: What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?, December 28, 2009

— Career Advice: Using Social Media to Find A New Job, December 28, 2009

— How Technology Helps Nurses Respond to Patients Faster, December 27, 2009

— Picking Up Extra Shifts During The Holidays, November 16, 2009

— A Month To Honor Our Homecare & Hospice Heroes, November 13, 2009

— Hassle-Free Recipes For Busy Nurses, November 13, 2009

— The Current Status of H1N1 (Swine Flu), August 2009

— ow To Boost A Nurse’s Immune System for Flu Season, August 24, 2009

— Valuable Interviewing Tips for Nursing Careers, August 24, 2009

— Recognizing National Adult Immunization Awareness Week, September 2009

— September is Healthy Aging Month, September 30, 2009

— Post-Interview Tips for Nurses, September 30, 2009

centeringsnewsltr.jpgNewsletter Copywriting for St. Joseph’s Medical Center

St. Joseph’s Medical Center for Health Excellence– I created the freelance healthcare copywriting for this two-sided, eight-panel Centerings Newsletter about News, Events and Education for Holistic Health. Download Health Newsletter PDF

This was just one of a number of direct response projects that I’ve written for Baltimore and Philadelphia area hospitals (St. Francis Hospital, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Anne Arudel Medical Center, St. Mary Medical Center, Towson Health Express), including nurse recruitment direct response projects, emails for Web landing pages, and more.

drugstore.jpgWebsite Writing for Online Drugstore — I wrote content for 18 Buying Guides which included these product areas: Breath Sprays, Toothbrushes, Sunscreens and Self Tanning Products, After Shaves, Hair Removal Products, Shaving Creams, Deodorants, Bar Soaps, Tissues/Cotton Swabs, Razors/Blades, and Children’s Sun Care Products.

Script Writing & Audio Production For Enclara Care Companion

Enclara Care Companion — I wrote, directed and produced the script and audio track for this healthcare portal that helps families create online communities to help them through end-of-life issues for a loved one. This PPT script was turned into an online Flash-style presentation utilizing Adobe Presenter software by the very talented Sharon Schanzer at Red Letter Day Graphic Design and voiceover by the equally talented Johanna Parker. Listen to a portion of the audio track.

Website Copywriting for – For this site’s launch, I was one of six Associate Creative Directors. My team of four experienced healthcare copywriters and me created over 210 pages of content for vitamins, minerals and dietary supplement products, while the overall the team of 22 writers cranked out over 1,500 pages in two months to meet the rapidly approaching launch date.

cancertrustcom.jpgDirect Response Writing for CancerTrust — I wrote the Web site and self-mailer to oncologists for Though the company failed during the bust in 2000, this was an invaluable experience in working with a medical start-up by offering them healthcare copywriting. Download Front of Self-Mailer PDF. Download Back of Self-Mailer PDF.

To contact me as a freelance healthcare copywriter for your medical —- or even a non-medical — Website or other freelance healthcare copywriting projects, visit and fill in the required fields.

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