5 Reasons Why I Finally Quit Comcast And Switched to Sonic

I’ve been a Comcast customer for far longer than I care to remember.

But for the last 24 years in my San Rafael home, I used their cable TV, Internet and phone service to the tune of over $250 per month.

I knew there were alternatives; I just didn’t want to go through all the hassle.

So after I moved to a condo about a month ago, I finally cut cord and quit Comcast!

Here are the top five reasons why I switched to Sonic and Dish TV…

  • Cost: $250 per month to Comcast totaled more than $72,000! For that kind of money, I could have paid down my mortgage or taken more elaborate vacations every year. When it worked, Comcast was fine for Internet, cable TV and phones. But the cost was prohibitively expensive and I just couldn’t justify it anymore. Sonic for Internet and phone was a LOT less per month, while DISH TV gives me more HD stations, a great picture, and a lower cost, too!
  • Customer Service: When Comcast came to my home, they always solved the problem. I had issues with how long it took to get a real person on the phone when I did have a problem or a question. Some of the phone techs were fine; some not so much.Then, when I was gearing up for my move, I called Comcast to switch my service. They FAILED MISERABLY on the phone service in two distinctive ways:
    A) They did NOT forward any calls from our two previous business lines.
    B) They promised us two new business lines, but only one was available a week later when we moved.When I switched to Sonic to install Internet with two lines we had no problems. Period.
  • Attitude: The Comcast tech who came to my new condo didn’t really know what he was doing and had a big chip on his shoulder. Sonic’s field tech was smart, quietly proficient, and got the job done in half the time as Comcast.
  • Greed: After complaining to several Comcast Loyalty phone reps about their failure on my business lines, the best they could offer a $12.50 credit for two months… a measly $25 total for all of my pain and suffering! Pathetic! Meanwhile, Sonic offered discounts for installation, credits and instant savings per month.
  • The Final Straw: After Sonic installed the Internet bundle with two phone lines flawlessly and everything was working perfectly, I called Comcast to tell them I was officially cancelling their phone, TV and Internet services.Their response was a very weak attempt to up-sell me on more channels ––without even bothering to listen to why I was cancelling or what caused me to cancel.

The Bottom Line: If you’re fed up with Comcast’s service, overseas phone support, and most of all, exorbitant fees each month, switch to Sonic like I did.

You’ll be so glad you did!




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