Freelance Copywriting Presentation

I’ve been quite fortunate to be a member of BNI Embarcadero for the past eight years. Our collective tagline is: “The Best Damn Chapter. Anywhere.”

With about 60 members, we’re the largest on the West Coast, we closed over $2.2 million during 2012 through referred word-of-mouth business, and host three seven-minute presentations per week. That means my turn in the rotation only comes up once about every five months. So I always make sure to creatively cut through the clutter with my presentations.

This video of my presentation, captured and edited by Jason Steinberg of Steinberg Imagery, set the bar higher and I’m very pleased with the outcome. My thanks again to Kathy Olberts of Quantum Careers, Pam Card of Surefire Online Marketing and Richard Reinholdt of Reinholdt Insurance Agency for being my “King Tut” back-up singers and to Joe Markert of FunctionOne IT who coordinated running the MP3, showing the lyrics on screen, ran my PPT, then a :60 video and a :60 radio spot.

And now, on with the show!

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