A Multi-Million Dollar BNI SF Success Story

Two friends of mine through BNI San Francisco won a $9 million settlement for a case. Here’s the blog written by Gil Zeimer, Albert Stoll and Walter Haynes…

How did members of two San Francisco BNI Chapters – partners in a personal injury law firm – each recently report $1.8 million in closed business?

A referral from a former Business Network International member that became the catalyst for an a wide-reaching lawsuit. A case worthy of “CSI” meets “Law & Order”. A substantial settlement of $9 million for a case that took two years to resolve.

How did a case against a manufacturer of defective oil-filled heaters lead to referrals to over a dozen BNI members in several chapters, including other attorneys, forensic private investigators, photographers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, and social media experts?

It’s actually quite an interesting story… Read more.

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