Healthcare Radio Copywriting: Lap-Band

As a long-time healthcare copywriting professional, I wrote and produced two :60 radio commercials for a Lap-Band clinic in the Midwest through a marketing firm.

The client had many testimonials on its site: some are video interviews of 2-4 minutes each and some are written testimonials. The challenge was taking these video clips and finding each person’s life-changing experience that altered the way they now think about food, eat, and live — in about 35 seconds. This essential copy was sandwiched between a short announcer introduction and a longer call to action.

By the way, Lap-Band is an abbreviation for a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, which is a safe, cost-effective procedure that can be done in a doctor’s office in a few hours. The Lap-Band loops around your stomach to make it smaller, which greatly diminishes your appetite.

Listen to these commercials for real Lap-Band patients by a healthcare copywriting expert: Staci lost 47 pounds and Nancy lost 130 pounds.

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