NewsCenter 4 Radio Commercials

For three of the seven years that I worked at Ketchum Advertising, San Francisco, I was a copywriter on the KRON-TV NewsCenter 4 account.

For their news promotions, we would receive the news story scripts on a Monday each week. By Tuesday, we’d have created three newspaper ads with copy and layout, plus a radio script with three different tags. This is an example of one ad for the “Maintain Your Car” series that ran for three days one week way back around 1978. The jingle we created is the third spot below.

This account forced me to think creatively, strategically and efficiently!

Here are four completed commercials of the dozens of radio scripts that I wrote for NewsCenter 4:

  1. “Oak Knoll Hospital” :60 – CLIO Award Radio Finalist
  2. “Single Parent” :60
  3. “Maintain Your Car” :60 – Jingle
  4. “Feeling Better Blues” :60 – Jingle
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