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I’ve been hired for email copywriting and newsletter copywriting for dozens and dozens of online and PDF publications over my staff and freelance copywriting career. Some were monthly, some were quarterly, some were even translated from Japanese to English, then rewritten and edited by me.

Below are some my favorite email copywriting and e-newsletter examples. To receive an estimate for your next email or newsletter copywriting project, please contact me today.

1) Hooked on Phonics: Besides this :60 radio commercial below, I also wrote a few very successful HTML email blasts for them to test with very targeted messages through QuestUs, a San Francisco interactive ad agency.

email copywriting for hooked on phonics The first was to save $50 with an exclusive online offer. Read the HTML email copy. The second was to make their child a better reader over the next four weeks. Read the HTML email copy.

As with most direct marketing copy, we used similar elements in both of these emails, but the priorities were shifted in one headline and subhead vs. the other to test which of these would gain the higher response rate. The winner? The $50 offer direct marketing copy and headline, but both had high click-throughs and response rates for a massive HTML email blast.

2) PricewaterhouseCoopers Security & Technology, Internal Audit and Sustainability Practices Newsletters:

As a San Francisco copywriter for The Tech Spotlight, I wrote and managed the content of 32 monthly issues over a span of 36 months. Each issue contained a lead story, a vendor spotlight, a case study, summaries of White Papers and PwC Publications, plus upcoming events and Webinars. Some issues even featured original thought leadership content written by me. Contact me if you want to see any of these newsletters.

3) Email Newsletters for three other divisions of PwC: Sustainability Services, Internal Audit and Project Management Services. Contact me if you want to see any of these newsletters.

Each of these email copywriting newsletters were delivered electronically as an HTML email to an opt-in list of thousands of subscribers that contained a linked downloadable PDF and pointed to a Website landing page for each issue with individual Web pages for each linked article.

NCPHS_Spring2009Cover_300w 4) Sequoia Living Newsletters, San Francisco Bay Area: I wrote these bi-annual newsletters for three upscale Life Care communities through this non-profit that exists to serve older adults:
– The Sequoias – San Francisco, The Sequoias – Portola Valley, and The Tamalpais – Marin County.
– Spring / Summer 2011 Sequoias – San Francisco Newsletter
– Spring / Summer 2011 Sequoias – Portola Valley Newsletter
– Spring / Summer 2011 Tamalpais – Marin County Newsletter
– Fall / Winter 2010 Tamalpais – Marin County Newsletter
– Fall / Winter 2009 Sequoias – Portola Valley Newsletter
– Spring / Summer 2009 Tamalpais – Marin County Newsletter

5) Maxim Healthcare Services, 2009 — This national healthcare, home care and nurse recruitment company based in Maryland contracted with me as a freelance healthcare copywriter. Here are some recent monthly articles I wrote for their two newsletters.

Caregiving Now (from Maxim Healthcare) — Advice on professional homecare, health and lifestyle tips, plus frequently asked questions:
– Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October
– Travel Tips for Seniors, August
– Utilizing Long Distance Homecare for a Family Member, August

NursingNow_H1N1_300w Nursing Now —-Provides industry news, job search tips and lifestyle tips:

— The Current Status of H1N1 (Swine Flu), August;
– How to Boost a Nurse’s Immune System for Flu Season, August 24;
– Valuable Interviewing Tips for Nursing Careers; August 24;
– Recognizing National Adult Immunization Awareness Week, September;
– September is Healthy Aging Month, September 30;
– Post-Interview Tips for Nurses, September 30

6) Software University Email Newsletter: See examples of this monthly HTML email/enewsletter copy that was blasted to about 10,000 names every month at these links below:

Software University 12/9/04 Web Seminar

Software University 1/13/05 Web Seminar

Software University 2/10/05 Web Seminar

Software University 3/10/05 Web Seminar

Software University 4/14/05 Web Seminar

Software University 2/16/05 Membership Drive.

7) Red Sail Sports Email Newsletter: I write or edit this quarterly email newsletter for my favorite client — because they operate watersports centers for sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling in Aruba and Grand Cayman all in the Caribbean, as well as the Big Island of Hawaii’s Kona Coast.

— The last issue I wrote was in November 2008.

In the archives, I’ve written each quarterly RSS Newsletter over the past four years, going back to Volume 5, August 2003.

8) Email copywriting for St. Joseph Hospital, Baltimore, MD

St. Joseph Heart Institute Open House 2/27/05

9) St. Francis Hospital, Baltimore, MD

St. Francis Hospital Holiday 2004 Sign-On Bonus Email

10) Mental Floss Newsletters, 2009–2010

Mental Floss is a series of monthly newsletters for Financial District Dental in San Francisco that I wrote as a healthcare copywriter; designed by Bradley Charbonneau,; sent via Mail Chimp. They included:
– Premier Issue, January 2009
– February 2009
– March / April 2009
– May / June 2009
– July 2009
– Fall 2009
– February 2010
– Summer 2010

To see other examples of email copywriting, newsletter copywriting, healthcare copywriting, or to receive an estimate for your newsletter copywriting project, please contact me today.


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