BNI San Francisco Freelance Copywriter Presentation June 2017

In this presentation, I’m going to share the five turning points in my career… how I evolved from being an ad agency staff copywriter to a freelance copywriter… a few examples of my work… best referrals and what I cost.

Now, as good as a I am today, it took me three years to attain my goal with the first of these turning points:

    1. 1976: Promoted from Traffic Director to Junior Copywriter at Ketchum Advertising
    2. 1982: Moved to Dallas ad agency, girlfriend dumped me the first week there, bought two condos; worked on national accounts.
    3. 1989: Laid off as VP/Assoc. Cr. Director from Grey, SF, owned 3 condos, networking saved my career, wrote Adweek articles for national exposure
    4. 1995: Decided to go full-time freelance after my third layoff in six years; started writing websites
    5. 2005: Joined BNI Embarcadero

    Read my Adweek Magazine article.

    Cocktail party chit-chat: “What have you written that I’ve seen?”

    A Few Success Stories…

    1) At Ketchum Advertising, one of my favorite radio commercials featured a talking Lindsay Olive. I typically write a commercial, then find the right voice. This time, I wrote it for Marvin Kaplan, a nebbish who was on “Alice” on TV. Listen how the music perfectly compliments the voiceover.

    2) As a freelancer, I was working with Koret of California to introduce a new line of women’s clothes named “Beliza”. We only had a few weeks to invite buyers to the annual Market Week show in New York City –– and the clothes weren’t even produced yet. My client liked everything we did, but his boss hated it all. Three times. I finally suggested this Hershey’s Chocolate 1-lb. greeting card that was express shipped to 200 buyers with a personalized letter… and it sold out the event!

    Best Referrals:

    Ad agencies or anyone who needs something written well.

    Why My Writing Costs:

    $125/hour or $100/hour for BNI members.

    Questions? Testimonials?


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