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I’m proud to be a top-ranked healthcare copywriter on Google and other search engines. Below are a list of recent websites. I also write ads, postcards, newsletters and direct response projects for healthcare clients.

1. This Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry site went live in late 2007 with a series of three Flash screens. The captions are: “Thousands of successful cosmetic procedures”… “Hundreds of restorative patients”… “All to create one successful smile after another.” I coined the phrase “Where Art & Dentistry Converge” to summarize Dr. Evans’ 30 years of experience and vast expertise. The Smile Gallery showcases million dollar smiles for just a few thousand bucks.

2. is a site for Avantis Medical Systems, the inventors of the Get Third Eye Retroscope colonoscopy device. The home page is a portal page for two sites: one for patients; one for physicians. Design by BB Media Services.

4. This site was rewritten with SEO keywords for six of its main pages. These bariatric surgery leaders in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Honolulu offer Laparoscopic techniques for superior weight-loss surgery procedures, gastric bypass and LapBand surgery. This site even offers a Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator. SEO keywords and design by Moonstone Interactive.

4. Created in Japanese for veterinarians, this site’s content was then translated loosely in English. I then edited the copy with Website copywriting for a North American audience. It offers versatile applications for diode laser use. Designed by Next Solutions America, Inc. of Torrance, CA.

5. Hantel Technologies This site went live in August 2009. Hantel Technologies is your resource for medical and biotech product engineering and manufacturing, from concept through commercialization. Design by Studio North Marketing.

6. Japan Premium Corporation is a recent client in Japan. I edited the parent company’s site based in Tokyo in preparation for a dental industry trade show, which also needed an edit of the product site at These remarkable new products are now being introduced to the US market as revolutionary new “functional candy” with ingredients that have already been proven in Japan to effectively help kids naturally wash and chew away cavity-causing bacteria and to optimize their good oral health. These products are also 100% Sugar-Free, Allergen-Free, Nut-Free, Peanut-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free and Trans Fat-Free, which is unique in the marketplace. Visit the USA Premium Corporation site.

7. FCE BenefitsFor over 20 years, FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc. has enabled hundreds of For-Profit and Not-For-Profit companies to attain complete compliance under the Service Contract Act (SCA), Davis-Bacon Act (DBA), Javits Wagner O’Day (JWOD), and related legislation. Design by, San Francisco.

8. For this site’s launch, I was one of six Associate Creative Directors. My team of four Websie copywriting experts and me created over 210 pages of content for vitamins, minerals and dietary supplement products, while the overall the team of 22 writers cranked out over 1,500 pages in two months to meet their set-in-stone launch date.

9. A client of mine owns two assisted living facilities in Kentucky. This site has now been updated through healthcare Website copywriting with two galleries of photos, video tours, new testimonials, and the most recent information on Alzheimer Care Enrichment/Memory Care services for their residents. Designed by

To inquire about my healthcare website copywriting services or to receive an estimate for your next website project, please contact me today.

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