In-Chair TV Advertising

In Chair TV logo Hate going to the dentist? Bored when you’ve got to sit there with your mouth wide open and listen to scraping or drilling? Now, you’ll now be able to view TV shows and movies as you get drilled with novacaine and have a root canal.

Think Outside The Mouth

InChair TV is the company showing patients ads for toothpaste, electric toothbrushes, teeth whitening systems, and more — all while you sit back and enjoy watching movies or TV programs from ABC and The Disney Channel in your dentist’s chair. Is this what you’d call a captive audience? You betcha!av230 TV Viewer

With this special, upscale video eyewear headset — the AV230 from Vuzix — you can watch TV, movies, and other programs, which are sent to your dentists on DVDs and played on a portable DVD player, and heard on built-in removable high quality stereo headphones. But instead of looking like you’re viewing video on a small TV, the technology transforms it into a large, private, virtual 44″ home theater.

Plus, instead of dental product ads, InChair TV is expanding its offerings with commercial breaks outside of your mouth.

To date, only 400 or so dentists nationally have purchased the system for $500 to let their patients escape to watch video. But more are on the way. So open wide and say, “InChair”.

Financial District Dental Care

By the way, Dr. Michael Hack of Financial District Dental Care in San Francisco has been using this concept in his cosmetic dental office for over 20 years. Patients love being entertained while having their procedures done. A few of my friends who are his patients actually look forward to their dental visits because they can watch movies on the DVD player without pain — and without commercial interruption!

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