Radiology Copywriter

A few months ago, a friend of mine in San Rafael called to ask if I was a “radiology copywriter”. A friend of hers who is a graphic designer in Rhode Island was searching for this extremely narrow ask for her client, a physician and part-owner of a radiology lab.

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How NOT To Become A Client From Hell

The blog below first appeared on May 28, 2015 on… When you’re an established freelance copywriter like me, you’re offered a wide variety of opportunities with an even wider variety of clients. Some of these folks may find you through or keyword searches to your website; others can come through word-of-mouth referrals or […]

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Porsche Ad – Advertising Copywriting

It was the day before The Bloom Agency in Dallas, TX was going to make a new business presentation to Porsche Dealers of North America in 1985. While sitting on the “throne” at the office while taking a break from my Senior Copywriter job, I saw a small blurb in the Sports section of the […]

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Hospital Articles Copywriting

As the top-rated “healthcare copywriter” on the major search engines, I’m very pleased to be a contributing writer to a hospital in the South Bay. Below are just a few of the hospital articles that have appeared in the Tri-City Voice.

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Jayne Heggen

My Headshot Was Featured on Scott R. Kline’s Blog

The following blog was written by my friend and creative colleague, Scott R. Kline. Should I wear glasses in my headshot or portrait? by scottrkline on April 1, 2014 Copywriter Gil Zeimer of Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe proudly wears his glasses in this headshot. Should you wear glasses in your headshot? Yes. If you normally use […]

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Hypnotherapy Website Copywriting

  As a long-time healthcare copywriter, I recently had the opportunity to write a website for a client’s wife. She had an ad agency background like me, but is now using her creativity and training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to help clients from both her office in downtown Charleston, South Carolina and by phone/Skype for […]

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RightClix Website Launch: Copywriting & Script Writing

I’m very pleased to have been part of an All-Star Marketing Makeover Team from BNI Embarcadero that helped Ray Simon fulfill his dream of launching a new company today. It’s called What’s RightClix? It’s a series of easy-to-follow videos that represent an easy way to set up and use Salesforce for your business. Ray […]

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